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So today is Labor Day and I spent the day helping my aunt finish her classroom duties before her school work starts this upcoming week. Most of the day was spent with family as yesterday we had the bar-be-que and close chat time over at my twin sister’s house. Naturally I picked up her old computer tower so that I can fix it and install it for my mother… nothing like being a computer nerd to make one feel empowered…


My sister’s pregnancy is going well and John seems happy but a little tired from all the extra work he is doing. He knows that two babies will cost a small fortune and that every penny earned will be gone in a few months. I hope that they get their budgeting together and cut back expenses a little more so that they are in good financial shape. Then again, this is me, a broke guy who has trouble finding a job. Oh well.


The real story that is nice to tell is how I come online today and find several emails and messages from friends of mine, of the female gender. The theme in common is how they ‘have been thinking about me recently’ and ‘were wondering what I’ve been doing and if I want to go out and see them.’  A few of these emails were from girls that I’ve only known online and live overseas but want me to visit, especially since Erika wanted to be single and lose the best man she could find. Some of these girls are her friends and are telling me this without her knowledge. Others are girls she knows and hates because…well I don’t really know why she hates some of these girls, it must be a school problem. Nevertheless, they are emailing me and showing interest in me. As one put so eloquently: “ yo te quiero, no me importa si tu ex trata a venir, yo voy a ponerte en el cielo cada noche y tratarte como el dios que eres!” Granted her spelling and grammar are better than that, and the email gets much more explicit with details about how she missed talking to me, about how she used to see me in the square (plaza?) with my ex and that she wished it was her.

Mind you I also have three emails from American girls living near me as well and several text messages wanting me to come over and play. It appears that I am back on the meat market. It doesn’t matter if I wanted to be bought or sold. The women want me and many of them are willing to compete for a chance to be with me and be my little toy. It is a pity that all I wanted was a wife and a family with a loyal and loving woman. Apparently the gods want me to savor the moment and satisfy my animal instincts.


It is time I made some plans.. I am hungry.. and I am thirsty… but not for food or drink… unless it comes from a fresh river in a valley covered with a beautiful forest..

Many beautiful countries to conquer, mountains and hills and valleys to explore.. :)

Geography.. Anatomy.. all is equal.


Written by Josecito

September 5, 2011 at 9:19 pm

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