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Today I decided to mix up a quick and easy recipe for a sandwich. It was a great day today and I didn’t want to waste time cooking for hours. This one took less than 10 minutes to make and was outstanding. Since I really don’t measure when I’m making food spur of the moment, I really can’t give you definite proportions. Needless to say, seasonings are to taste and it is a rule of thumb to add it little by little until you are satisfied with the results.

Things I put into my sandwich mix:

1 Can Tuna, Chunk Light drained

1 Equal portion of Crab Meat (in this case it was imitation)

Garlic Salt

fresh cracked black Pepper


Cayenne Pepper

Coleman’s dry mustard

Golden Brown mustard (the speckled spicier stuff)

Hellman’s Mayo

– other things to add that I chose not to add in this (but I have done on previous occasions)

small amount of cooked rice

celery chopped very finely

onion chopped very finely

garlic chopped very finely

Mix tuna and crab in a bowl until very well mixed and nearly uniform. While mixing : add dry spices one at a time until desired level of spiciness is achieved. Add wet golden spicy mustard and mix. Add mayo little by little until a sticky but not wet mix is formed (almost has the sound of wet clay but not too stiff and not so wet that it falls like pudding.  If you are going to add the extras (rice, celery, onion or garlic), you need to put them in before the dry spices and mix until all is evenly distributed.

This particular recipe can make about 4 portions for sandwiches. In this case I toasted some whole wheat bread, added some Romaine lettuce and a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea from Twinings. A thin sliced tomato is also a welcome addition to the sandwich, as well as a dill pickle and chips on the side. Coffee works nicely too.



Written by Josecito

August 29, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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