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Slipping Away

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I never quite understood the necessity of people to follow time. One has all the time in the world to do what they desire. The problem really becomes what one wants to do in the limited time that one lives.

You see, as I have written before, time is a truly relative phenomena (not to rob Einstein). We are here for an indeterminate period of life and everything that we do or do not do will either increase our lives or decrease them. At the same time those actions and our preferences will also run contrary towards the best things that we could do towards living longer, living happier, and living a more fulfilled existence. Mind you those three options are not the only choices on has in organizing their daily lives and they are certainly not always compatible or mutually exclusive events. Many a night I have spent awake and partying till dawn in a drunken stupor without concern for my safety, my lifespan, and obviously not my liver! Yet those things we are told will kill us over the years (not including the cigars/pipe/cigs that I smoked while drinking at other times). Yes we are veritable gluttons for bodily and time punishment when it comes to our lifestyles and ignored good advice.

Lao Tzu: ‘The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.’

Yet it always seem that we end up paying the price for our improprieties, our bad choices. Call it Karma, call it Fate but whatever you call it just remember never to call it unfair or unjust! Our bodies, those magnificent pieces of biological clockwork, winding down the years, months and seconds of our lives can never be stopped or paused. Sure they can be slowed down a little, or made to run more efficiently if we keep them clean, well maintained, and optimized. There are programs we can follow for life extension, for life enhancement. There are pills to take, vitamins to swallow, and energy drinks to absorb into our bloodstreams. None of this will prevent a premature death, none of this will save us from accidents or a bloody end. What they will do is give us a fighting chance should those problems or statistical outliers reach us (which more and more appear to be increasing in probability).

Each day passes and we listen to people’s comments. Words that we should take seriously. Good advice.

And we ignore it completely. We all think that we will be the lucky few invincible people to be spared the burden of paying for our mistakes. We continue to party and destroy ourselves. That is the nature of humanity. Wisdom only comes to those who have lived through the mistakes and learned from them. Wisdom always comes too late for those who’ve done it. Sage advice is never for the sage, but those that need it most forget to follow it. All that makes sense and is normal. We don’t know when we’ll pass and we have no clue how many beats our hearts have stored up. It is better to live the life we have without regrets and without concern for a tomorrow that might not exist for us. Does that mean we should be stupid? Act poorly? Hardly. It can mean two things: we can live like idiots and party till we die, or we can realize that we can make the most of those unknown days alive by fulfilling our desires and quests.

tic tic tic tic tic tic tic

What are you waiting around for? Will you be saying on your deathbed : “Oh, if only I checked Twitter and Facebook one more time! “

Time is slipping past…


Written by Josecito

August 25, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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