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Today was spent with my aunt at the Sheridan school in Philadelphia. Since the little children of the area are going to be returning to the educational public school systems; it is up to the teachers over the next week or so to clean and set up their classrooms. My aunt being assigned her own classroom this year, is no exception.

Thus off we went at the wee hours of the morning to the school, with nary a student in sight we set about deploying the wall art, the desks, chairs, and other assorted clap trap that is normally found in schools today. Naturally while we were there I found myself thinking about my salad years as a student in my grade schools; notably Resurrection of Our Lord, and Crossan in northeast Philadelphia. With the wisdom that only years of age can bring I finally began to understand why schools were built with such high ceilings and interior windows. They were made to vent the hot air upwards and out of the classrooms in a typical pre A/C world. It depressed me greatly to see the windows shut and sealed (for the A/c) and the old system of airing out the rooms dismantled. When I was younger we still had heat waves but I never remember the classes being as hot and as stuffy as today’s classroom. That was when I realized how much simple and logical methods of doing things were lost in the USA over the last 60 years. No one has an idea of current flows, of convection heat, and of the concept of moving air naturally to cool a place anymore?

So much lost in so little time. A testament to our collective wealth destroying our capacity to do things that will truly help us. Next time you are in a school that is old take a look at the subtle differences and try to understand why they built it that way. Look at the modern school and what they took out as a way of ‘saving funds’ in the short term. Tell me which school feels better and fits the idea of a school to you? The new schools look like little prisons for children and destroy the learning and creative process.


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Written by Josecito

August 24, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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