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On Regrets and Tapestry

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Ok so it may seem like I am on a bit of a Star Trek TNG kick but seriously, not being able to sleep while channel surfing at the wee hours of the morning does provide some entertainment and like tonight, a little bit of wisdom long since forgotten…


I am talking of course of an episode of TNG that reminded me of something I had indeed forgotten. The episode in question is called Tapestry and has to do with the reverberations of making changes to your past and how they reverberate throughout your life. It doesn’t matter how small of a decision it is, it can affect completely your life, your attitude, your occupation and how one’s dreams change through time. A short description can be found at the Wikipedia link here.

For those of you unable to find the episode to watch or download, I have attached the end summary below which points out the lesson that Capt. Picard was to learn.  Take a look, I find it a very useful lesson to be reminded of right now, since I feel many times like I am drifting in and out of life without a course charted.


“I would rather die the man I was, than live the life I just saw” ; says Picard before being sent back in the past. Strong words to think about when we reminisce about our youth, mistakes and errors. We tend to think about life and want to tweak those apparent : “wrong choices” by using the wisdom of the present. The problem is that by not making those mistakes we’d never have this wisdom and our futures wouldn’t be anything like what we could imagine and we would be totally different people. Many times we’d turn into those same people we despise and loathe.

An interesting take on the theme of cause and effect. It fits into the old paradigms of the Viking way:

Joy is better than Guilt

Vigor is better than Lifelessness

Courage is better than Cowardice

Many of our decisions that we regret involve (especially for men) too much adventure, too much risk taking. A fight here, a one night stand there, a reckless action or inaction. Those things shape us into who we are and what we will become. Conversely it is also a lesson for what causes we create today and how they will effect us into our future and take hold of what opportunities arise. Ignoring an opportunity, declining an adventure or responsibility, avoidance of change, and many other daily habits/decisions will resound in our lives in ways we can not imagine.


Better to live without regret, better to live with the knowledge that tomorrow may never come.


Written by Josecito

August 23, 2011 at 4:34 am

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