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A friend of mine once asked why is it that there is a double standard for men and women on sexuality. I could not understand the question as I did not think there was a double standard…


She seemed to be brainwashed by the ideas of feminism and the women’s liberation movement that has destroyed the true rights and responsibilities of men and women across the world. Apparently she felt that it was unfair for men to be able to be treated with respect among men and women if they have lots of sexual experience but that a woman doing the same is considered a slut.

I had to point out a very useful analogy for her that I found online a while back:

A key that can open any lock is known as a “master key.” It has enormous value.
A lock that can be opened by any key is a weak lock. It has virtually no value at all.

The point here is that men are keys and women are locks. It isn’t a double standard because a double standard assumes that men and women are the same in all respects and in reality they are not. A man’s primary role is to be a breadwinner and provider for a woman and their combined genetic offspring. A woman’s primary role is to raise their combined genetic offspring and guard her intimacy and chastity exclusively for the male doing the providing. A woman when she looks for a man for mating over the long term looks for two general characteristics above all others: ‘chemistry’ and income earning potential. Chemistry is simply put the woman getting turned on and wet sexually when she is with a particular male. In other words, she has to be attracted to him. The income earning potential is the easiest way to state that women are gold diggers. They want a man who can provide or help provide and contribute towards raising a family. They are meal tickets above anything else.

When men look for a long term mate they look for a few things as well: guarded chastity/loyalty, and the ability to raise good viable offspring. If a man has sex with a woman quickly and without much effort, she becomes defined as undesirable for long term commitment (especially if it happens or is offered during a current cheating). The reasoning in the back of the brain (without thinking)  is simple: she is willing to open herself up quickly and without hesitation to one male, she is likely to open up to others. This increases the likelihood of the male having to raise a child that isn’t his or of having to deal with a stressful and complicated relationship that could be avoided. Thus the male brain came equipped with the ability to discern the difference: men have sex with sluts b/c men like to have sex. Those sluts and the women who emulate them have a harder time finding a suitable male of higher quality for anything long term b/c they become habituated towards offering easy sex which signals good alpha males to not offer the slut anything long term.

Women don’t like to admit this but there is a strong difference between what most good men are willing to accept in relationships and what women are not willing to accept. Men are rated strongly on their ability to please the woman they are courting (hence they need to be experienced and to offer women the idea that they have given their most valued part to the right male). Women are judged based on how few partners they have had and their inexperience  (the conqueror, explorer male role). In a nutshell, few men want to : “boldly go where every other male has gone before”.

Is this sexist? No. It is reality. If a woman takes away her image as being loyal, or chaste (in essence her womanhood) by doing what men do, they lose respect and rank and become nothing more than a whore, a practice toy among men. Alpha males find these women and use them for practice and experience so that they can have the needed moves for satisfying a good woman. Beta males end up with the scraps (the whores and whore imitators) because they do not possess the drive to find a chaste alpha female, nor the qualities to attract them (income, virility). The beta females, knowing the alpha males want the alpha females but not possessing the qualities of the alpha female, attempt the lure the desired mate by offering the prize earlier than anticipated or with less requirements and strings. The beta females that offer this at an earlier age tend to become the practice girls. The beta females that emulate the practice girls become the wanna be sluts and many end up as the : “girl who has trouble meeting a good man”. The girls who “have a lot of guy friends” are sometimes an alpha female waiting for an alpha male while a horde of beta males attempt to mate with her, unsuccessfully.  Sometimes you can see a beta female emulate this behavior, but lacking the attributes of an alpha has reduced her to whoring herself out among the group in an effort to remain popular or to be seen as popular. Frequently you will see these females cycle through men as the men lose interest. They will gain new friends and lose old friends quickly (as the need for new blood increases).

So there you go. Women if you want to be taken seriously, you can’t offer sex to someone while they or yourself are in a relationship. Your purity is also noticed by men and the number of partners does impact greatly on the alpha male’s opinion of you. If a male sees you as undesirable for a long term mate, it will take a lot of changes on your part to eradicate that idea and it will usually not work.

Oh, and stop being whores. Let the whores be the whores. Be the lady. And not a weak lock.


Written by Josecito

August 22, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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