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Why no Ron Paul?

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I’ve noticed that during the Iowa straw poll that Ron Paul came in second after Michele Bachmann. This of course is good news for anyone who supports the ideas of Ron Paul over those of the establishment. It is however, horrible news for Ron Paul as he gets more popular and continues to be shut out of serious contention by everyone who has an interest in maintaining the status quo or anyone who is afraid of real meaningful change.


Ron-Paul-Straw-Poll-Chart A quick glance at a chart showing the results from this unofficial vote should indicate to anyone with money who would be the more popular candidates to back. Granted the poll isn’t really a serious thing and several historical winners of it never made it into the White House, but at least they were taken seriously if they came in the top 3 spots. Today’s news and media outlets appear to be creating a blackout when it comes to Mr. Paul and his ideas, even going so far as to encourage thinking about all of the other candidates while completely ignoring his ideas. Maybe he should be labeled a terrorist or dissident and thrown in Guantanamo Bay for his troubles. Really he is only what, a multi term Senator from Texas who has maintained his stance on the ideas of Libertarianism and small government for decades? Sounds like trouble! The guy is far from a quack despite being a doctor. The man is simply doing what few others are willing to do: champion the rights of the individual over the rights of the government.

 275px-Nolan-chart That for many means trouble. “But if the government is small, then people will resort to crime and evil ways! It will be the downfall of society!”; says the concerned but truly ignorant voter, unable to comprehend a world where he/she must world hard and produce something that other people want to buy in order to survive. They’d rather feel comfy and secure in their state mandated pensions, overpriced and low quality medical coverage, overly regulated markets. They are the true defenders of the fascist nation we live in today.  Anyone who works for the government (federal, state, local), sells something to the government, or is dependant on the government for a check or benefit all have the continuation of the status quo (or increase in their share of the pie) as the most important aspect of their lives. If the government were to get smaller, taxes lowered and flattened, regulation removed or simplified most of those people would be out of a job and have to face the reality that they produce nothing of value to the civilization that supported them. They are the useless eaters. The parasites. They will defend their occupations to the death should you question their work. “But I move paper to and fro… without me, taxes wouldn’t get paid or processed” … right.. like a sales tax without needing a 1040 couldn’t do the same thing? “ But I supervise the supervisors of the approvers of the books that are used to teach the children… think of the children!” Right… we really need reading methodologies and ways of teaching changed every year. Since we’ve adopted your plans and beliefs our nation has spiraled down the ladder of most respected and literate nations while former third world nations beat us with a fraction of our education spending. You must go. No more coddling children or doing the jobs that their parents are required to do. And certainly no more overseers of said activities.

The idea of Libertarianism that Ron Paul promotes is that these people not be dependant on a state issued check. That it is a privilege and not a union right to work for the state. That these jobs are never meant to be permanent at the expense of the citizens.

That said, I am happy that I am not the only one who noticed this. John Stewart poked fun at this problem on his show (the Ron Paul issue) and  made a small skit about it, below is the video.



Written by Josecito

August 17, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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