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Star Trek Weapons

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It has been a long time since I watched anything from the Star Trek series. So it was a treat to watch a few episodes that I found while channel surfing. The series in particular was TNG (The Next Generation for those of you not in the know, and for those of you really on another planet this is the series with the bald Captain who can act).

It was a pretty hum drum episode. To summarize :

Troi (the sexy female empath alien) goes undercover in Romulan territory complete with uniform, facial add-ons and training. Her job is to somehow smuggle Romulan dissidents into Federation territory. Along the way trouble arises and …

Something that I started to notice immediately was the lameness of the Star Trek weapon ideas. It is all still just guns and armor. Very 19th century and not at all suited for the 24th century (or any future series). So I have come up with a two weapon ideas of my own should the creators (ok not the dead Gene Rodenberry (sp), but anyone who still cares about it.


1. The Warp Drive Razor

In many episodes of Star Trek I remember that after a short battle shields would fail and at times they’d think about resorting to ramming into the other ship as a suicide maneuver. On one episode it was shown that small ships can pass through shields, which would imply that a shield only protects against energy weapons and not actual projectiles. So the idea I’ve had would be to create a very large razor blade (basically the width of the Enterprise)  and equip it with a warp drive. During a battle, or just to be a dick the Warp Razor would creep into battle on impulse (slow speed), and then immediately go to warp with a setting through the enemy ship! Given the speed of warp and the design of the ship, this enemy vessel should be cleaved in twain or at the very least, the electrical connections between the bridge and the engine/weapons would be cut off by a large sheet of metal running through many floors. Chances are great that life support systems if the ship wasn’t destroyed, would be ruined.

2. Teleporter Gun

Another sad thought that came to mind was the unused potential of the teleporter. In Star Trek, the teleporter is used to move people molecule and atom by atom to another destination miles away either on land or in space. Usually they need a transporter lock on a position so that the person or object doesn’t die while beaming up (which happens frequently on the show). So my thought was why in the hell can’t they use this as a weapon? If you wanted to kill someone or destroy something, just make a really crappy teleporter that acts like a blender and scrambles the signal. You could beam the enemy into a wall, or into space when they invade your ship (no more pesky shoot outs in curved corridors with cheesy phaser pistols. You would just say something like : “O’Brian, beam whatever is in sector 6 deck 8 into space”. Simple. No need to be concerned if the beaming was 100% effective b/c you wanted to kill them. How about larger Teleporter Guns for destroying enemy weapons? You could build a teleporter scrambler and fire on the enemy weapons. This would render the weapons useless and mangled. If they still worked and the enemy fired on you, the weapon would probably explode and destroy their ship. What about just beaming their engines into space? How about using the weapon and turning their ship into a giant Rubix cube of death?

Just some thoughts.


Written by Josecito

August 16, 2011 at 2:26 pm

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