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Tricorner Hat, Part 2

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So one of my earlier entries mentioned the creation of a paper mache tricorner hat. I was to wear it while testing the boat. I am posting that as of right now the first tricorner hat is dried and has taken the basic shape. Unfortunately I used the smaller part of the paper mache headpiece while making it, which means that it is a little too small for my head! I have the other half sitting here, which now means that I have to make another one that will fit my head. On the plus side, I know that it will more or less work as anticipated and that I will need to make it a little thicker (but not by much). The hat of course needs to be trimmed to shape and painted black but the general shape is correct, it weights almost nothing and fits my mom’s head like a glove! Maybe I should have taken a picture of her wearing it.


Oh well, at least I have a hat for a guest or a land lubber while I am out on the water !

P08-13-11_22.54[1] P08-13-11_22.53 P08-13-11_22.54

One positive thing that I can add to this experiment is that I have more experience making flat panel paper mache that can be curved to suit my needs. It has given me another idea that I can use for my other projects: flat panel paper mache that can be cut like thin plywood into the needed parts!

Ie. Take 15 sheets of newspaper all the same size. put them onto a flat table on top of wax paper. Layer them on top of each other using paper mache paste. Cover with wax paper, then a flat board and weigh it down (for compression and elimination of air pockets). Allow to sit for a day or two while compressed. Then remove the weight and let air dry in warm location. Once completed you should end up with a flat rigid board that can be used as a panel or cut into a desired shape. The best part about this is that the panel should be nearly uniform in thickness and can be assembled just like plywood. Thickness can be adjusted according to needs.



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August 11, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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