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So today I discussed my intention to try my hand at fasting again, starting tomorrow. Today will be a nice relaxing day of enjoying the foods and drinks that I will be lacking over the short term. Things like bacon, tacos, coffee, tea. Will this fasting regimen work? Maybe, maybe not. I still want to try it. Here’s hoping that I succeed for at least 24 hours. Most sites I’ve read about fasting state that the first 3 days are the worst for anybody starting a fast. I imagine it is the drop in blood sugar, the withdrawal symptoms of all the addictive edibles that we forget we consume each day.


Things to watch out for in tomorrow, Friday and Saturday:

Massive migraines as the sugar is depleted from my body.

Hunger pain as my digestive system empties.

Nausea from a change in electrolyte balance in the body.

Adrenal gland slowdown from the lack of stimulant.

Increased thoughts/obsession over food, drinks.

Increased urination from the removal of excess salt in body.

Irritability and tendency to fight/yell from such symptoms.

On the positive side I can at least look forward to a drop of around 5% body weight within 48 hours. For me this will translate to about 12 pounds. Yes I realize that this is mostly water being flushed from the system along with my last meals. It is still an encouraging sign to have pants that were tight around the hips suddenly become loose. Add on the lack of a bloated feeling around the middle and I’m sure I’ll be smiling from it. Also from what I am reading people who enter the fasting state find their bodies gaining energy. I can imagine that this extra energy really isn’t extra so much as a leveling off of the blood sugar and the body pumping up the system in anticipation of a hunt (for more food).

How long will I last trying this out is a mystery. For those in the know or those of you placing bets, the longest I went without eating anything is one week and that only happened b/c I was sick from the flu. When I am healthy (relatively) the longest I have been without eating is a little over 24 hours. My main weakness is the classic ‘reward oneself just a little for a job well done!’ In other words I’d eat thinking I deserved it for not eating. I’d also rationalize it and negotiate with myself in order to eat again.

Tomorrow begins another attempt, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and mouth closed!


Written by Josecito

August 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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