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Sedentary Vs. Active

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I have come to the conclusion that for each passing year, that it is getting harder to exercise and lose weight. Certainly it is well known that as we get older our metabolisms slow down and we become a more leisurely people. The problem has arisen in my life where I find that my lung issues are exacerbated by my obesity. Everyday I want to get up and run, jog, walk, or simply do something physically difficult but rewarding. Everyday I wake up exhausted, run down, and drained. Frequently when I try to run I have problems breathing. Sometimes I run through it, other times the issue is severe enough for me to pack it up and call it quits.


I am left with one simple conclusion: I must rework my weight loss and exercise plans to compensate for my poor lung capacity and for my overweight exterior.

Since I can not regularly control the amount of times I get asthma attacks, the weather, body pain or my physical constitution; I must resort to more extreme measures.

I must come to accept that I have to lose some weight in order to start a healthy exercise routine. I have tried dieting and have failed numerous times.

I must fast, and I must start soon. Sometimes I feel sick from eating certain foods that are not really unhealthy or out of portion size, this I attribute to a growing toxicity that must be building up in my body. For instance, when you drink a lot of alcohol you get a hangover and your body can make it feel so bad that you refuse to even look at a drink let alone consume one. At times I feel this way with coffee, tea, breads, cereals, pasta, dinner, everything really. It must be a message from my system telling me : “no more”!

I am getting that feeling more and more, that I eat simply because it is dinner hour, or that I have to eat to be accepted because apparently not wanting to eat is the disorder and that eating is the normal state of things. If it is normal to continuously eat, then my body is doing what they thing is normal: it is turning into a grazing bovine shape. Seriously I am starting to feel like I am at a trough, being fattened up for slaughter. If I don’t eat, people think I am sick, or ill. If I eat no one questions me except to ask me when I am going to start losing weight! Imagine the hypocrisy of that! “Eat, you need to eat” followed by : “You’re really getting big, perhaps you should slow down on your eating!”

That is what annoys me. The one sidedness of our culture. Where one can eat and get fat, but will be made fun of for it or ridiculed. Yet when they try to do what their bodies tell them, they are though of as having an illness. All I want to do is stop eating for a short while. My body is telling me it needs to stop eating and process the junk out of it. Humans were never meant to be this large for too long. Sure animals get fat for winter, and then they don’t eat for three months or so simply because there was no food. I am convinced that the human body gets fat easily because when we were evolving we couldn’t get too much food in winter either, and thus we fattened up and ate the little food that we found. When spring came around we were lean and hungry and ready to hunt again.

Now we are fat globules sloughing around the mini malls with a half gallon of soda in one hand and an oversized burrito (of smeat) in the other. We’re told originally to eat 3 meals a day (when even in recent history 3 meals was a luxury few could afford). Today we’re told eat 6 meals a day. Tomorrow it will be normal to hear people spewing garbage like : “you should really eat continuously during the day…snacking”. I call BS on that. My body was not meant to be a grazing animal. My stomach is tired of eating and I am tired of chewing and swallowing and pooping. More and more of my time is spent on the unproductive actions of consumption of these imitation food products and foodish things that come in cardboard boxes and have unnaturally long shelf lives.

I am quitting this game. I am getting off this hamster wheel.

I am full, I want no more food or drink right now. I don’t care what you, the society thinks of my actions or inactions.

I shall fast.


Written by Josecito

August 9, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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