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I know that more than a few of my blogs come off as ranting from the loony bin but I must stress that I find it hard to properly explain, describe or justify the problems that I see going on each day in the world that I live in. This makes me appear as a very pessimistic person, negative, and a doomsday prophet. Sadly, this is not the way I wish to be seen. There are more problems facing society than I can shake a stick at or point out but they tend to come from several places that all stem from the way humans behave and treat each other.

We live in a world of massive potential. A place where anyone can really do anything they may need to do in order to effectuate the change needed to better their lives and the world around them. The problem is that people do not take the steps or think through what they need to do in order to make those changes happen. They wallow, they sit in self pity and anguish. They blame everyone else instead of themselves for their own failings (myself included). The end result is that they frequently become the hypocrites of which they despise, destroying the world around them while they stand on their own soapbox with arms flailing about the state of the world.

Let it be known that there are several things people can do that are really small steps which will help make the world a better place.

1. Treat people as adults and give them responsibility over their own lives. If you treat an adult as a child, childishness is the result.

2. Children are not people under the age of 18. Several generations of people have come and gone that were well below this age and produced more than many of our society over the age of 18. Let adulthood be set by actions and not by age.

3. Punish bad behavior, especially the small things. A bit of litter, a small amount of graffiti or vandalism may not seem like major crimes, but when they are added up they create an ugly place to live in. Ugly places become disrespected places, and that breeds the larger crimes and horrors.

4. Parent should be permitted to hit their children to a reasonable degree. Parents should be allowed to share this power with other authority figures around them in order to enforce rules and customs. Ergo. if a kid is in the street and acts poorly and a neighbor hits them, it isn’t assault, it isn’t child abuse, it is instead a necessary step towards maintaining civil order and the society in which we live.

5. Education is a limited and valuable commodity. As such it should be valued and not a public good. Public goods are taken for granted and destroyed. Many of the most brilliant minds on earth sought education for its’ own sake. Therefore, minimize the right to public education so that anyone over the 8th grade would need to prove their desire and abilities in order to gain entrance. Most of our education system is just a babysitting service, and now a lunch service. Make learning limited and thus valued.

6. The military should have the option of quitting without the threat of ‘desertion’. Historically wars were only fought with men who were willing to fight for what they thought was right. This gave a feedback signal to the leaders that the war was not wanted or unjust, or plainly unwinnable. Without this feedback we have found ourselves in world wars, genocides, and generation long occupations of territory without conquest. Make it harder to fight a war and you will have less of them. Certainly everyone will fight to defend their own lands, but fewer would be willing to fight halfway across the world for a war that wasn’t explicit in its’ objectives and mission.

7. Tattoos were once the symbol of a rite of passage into adulthood among some tribal people. Today it is a symbol of people being bored and having too much money. Either stop getting the tattoos or give the tattoos a respectable meaning or association. Typical types included military units, slave ownership, a family crest/symbol, symbol of allegiance. The picture of your dead fetus on your chest or a dotted line across your neck that says: “cut here” do not constitute quality.

8. You can be gay, lesbian, straight, or purple. Keep it behind closed doors and keep it to yourself. There is nothing to be prideful of a parade where you demand respect while wearing a dog collar on your neck while your private parts are dangling out of leather chaps while your same sex lover has his/her genitalia surgically altered into something resembling hot dog grindings.

9. Religious institutions should be allowed to declare marriage to be the sole domain of a man and a woman. Gays and lesbians who don’t like it can make their own churches and make their own customs. That is what freedom of religion means. If you disagree with your religion you can leave it and follow another one. Religions have something called Dogma, which is what they really stand for. If you do not like the dogma, you leave. Dogma should not be changed b/c of a bunch of whiny people who don’t like it. It is dogma, not democracy.

10. To eliminate the bias in medical benefits for all people. Eliminate the need of the wordings of spouse, husband and wife on all civil documents pertaining to financial matters. Allow people who have medical to designate anyone as the other beneficiary of their household, provided that they live in their house. Many people who are not married may have a brother, sister, son, daughter, parent, or friend living with them who really needs medical care and can not afford it. Just allow anyone’s name on the paper, regardless of social status (in other words, if they live with you and you want them on your policy, let them be on it). This eliminates the financial incentive for gays, lesbians, bestiality people to want the rite of marriage.

11. Do not be afraid to stand up and tell someone to shut the hell up. Not everyone is a victim, not everyone is suffering from some unknown civil rights violation. Some people just suck at what they do and need to be told about it. Do not treat or placate anyone until sufficient proof exists that such behavior is warranted.


Written by Josecito

August 8, 2011 at 8:17 pm

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