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Um, yeah… stage 2

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So officially we’ve entered into stage 2 of the decline of the United States from Superpower to Third World nation.

Today the markets tanked on what the press calls the ‘anticipation’ of bad news from the budget process. They blamed traders and ‘speculators’ for the large declines seen in indices world wide.

What probably really happened were several of the wealthier people who are in the know, were told about the upcoming downgrade of the US credit rating by S&P in exchange for their continued support (hint: the wealthiest 1% ). They were most likely given the go ahead to sell like crazy and move assets around before the collapse of confidence. Once the funds were moved around and everyone with any real power was contented the ratings agency was given the go ahead to release the bad news publicly while pandering and ‘outrage’ was mouth foamed by those who are in charge. Naturally what we saw on TV was just the sideshow of games playing that was happening for over a year. The truth of the reality is that we’re broke, our government is too large, the entitlement programs that we promised ourselves can not be delivered without destroying our economy.

The USA needs to come to terms with what has happened over the last 60 years: our so called Manifest Destiny of being #1 was predicated on relatively large sums of cheap fuel, a world market dependant on US goods, and a stable expansion of our military power overseas in an effort to force other nations to become our servile class. Now that we are out of our petroleum reserves and out of the world’s petroleum reserves we can not fund our lifestyle nor our war machine. Now that the world’s economy has been built and our industrial base sold off, we can no longer sell goods and services overseas. Now that the world sees we are are bankrupt and hollow former super power, we will begin the decline via a ‘death by 1000 cuts’. Sadly the American people, as my dad once described it: “are the most lied to people on the planet’. We have a nagging uneasiness in our minds since the 1970’s (the decade when our oil peaked) that our nation is in decline. For the last 40 years the disparity of wealth has grown, the dependence on foreign energy and foreign materials has increased and the amount of debt owed by all levels of society has skyrocketed simply in an attempt to maintain living standards. Our leaders, both religious and secular, have consistently lied to us about our situation. We’ve been told that the golden years are just around the corner. That prosperity can return if only we do X, Y, and Z. Now we are beginning to see the start of the fascist tradition in America. We are being lulled into a comfortable idea that the reason why our nation is failing is because people A, B and C have robbed us. We are being told that if we fight to take it back we will return to the heyday’s of our past. All we are doing is listening to lies and being manipulated while our futures, our wealth, and our ability to remedy our nation is taken from us.

The truth is that America and its’ dream are not viable and never have been. The car was a once in a human history event predicated on the availability of cheap fuels. The promises of early retirement, social security, medicare, medicaid, bonuses, higher pay each year were all based on the idea that the economy would grow and provide the wealth needed to pay those benefits. Reality has set in and it should come as no surprise to anyone that in order to produce anything you need energy, be it from one source or another. Renewable supplies are but a tiny tiny tiny fraction (and will remain so) of the energy we use. Less than 10% (really < 5%) of what we use in energy comes from them. In reality money is energy. Imagine what your life would be like living on 10% of your money? Can you have air conditioning ? No. Can you have heating? Maybe if you were smart about it. Can you have a car? No. Can you afford the rents you are paying? No. Food? If you are lucky.

Think back to what life was like before the energy boom of the last 80 years. We are returning to that. Do not think for one moment that you will be one of the spared few who can keep living like you do now. Even if your elected officials keep paying those benefits and incomes they promised, they will do so with inflated money. Sure you’ll make $100,000 but that 100k will be the equivalent of today’s $12,500 or less. Your cup of coffee will cost you $50, with the coupon. Your car will still be sitting there, without fuel because gasoline will cost around $60 a gallon. You’ll still be making payments on it though, because you want to keep that credit rating high, lest you lose your job. You’ll still hear about electric cars, and natural gas cars, and hydrogen cars. All that talk will make you wonder if they could somehow create a car powered by bullshit spewed from the leaders’ mouths. Extended families will move in together, not because they like each other, but because they have no other choice. Recycling will take place on the household level as families, unable to pay for water, collect the rain in the empty plastic bottles. The internet will be but a distant memory as the electricity that it depends on starts to black out. Book, libraries, and local activities will regain their importance. The places that you live in will show themselves to be the plastic vomit bags that they really are: ignored for decades when you drove 50mph, will now be seen, litter and all its’ decay from the humble 2mph walking speed of your feet wearing shoes that badly need to be resoled (but can’t because the last cobbler was Mr. Johnson, your childhood neighbor who died when you were 15 at the ripe old age of 95).


If you want to understand how your life will be, look to the depression, but with the modern stuff sitting there as a reminder of how easy things were.

This is just the start of the decline. I suggest you learn a trade that will sell in a very bad economic time.


Written by Josecito

August 5, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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