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Rain and Gardening

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It always seems that in my life, the days that I want to do some yard work for myself or my family happens on the days that it will be raining. Today would be no exception. As I sit here typing to the sounds of the raindrops on my window, I am reminded why this pattern occurs.


The simple reason why I always feel like doing outdoor activities when it is raining or going to rain is b/c my body reacts better to rainy weather than any other weather I can think of or imagine. Every major migraine I have had as a young child occurred right before it was going to rain. As the drops fell and the barometric pressure readings changed, a loosening of the tension in my head happens and I enter a euphoric state of being. You could call me giddy, joyous even, as the small balls of h2o find their way to the earth. Double enjoyment is always had by the falling of rain that results in a cooling off or those especially hard rain showers that come from nowhere and seem to pour for days on end, flooding the streets with their elixir of life.

As an especially young youth, I remember making small aluminum and paper boats (origami style) and floating them down the rivers that formed along the sides of the road. We’d have little races to see which model would go the longest, which would capsize. Sometimes they’d go the length of a street and round the corner.. out of sight and into a seemingly netherworld never to return. Frequently I used to think as a young lad, that those paper boats somehow made it to their destination unscathed: a tiny tropical island in the middle of an ocean. You know the place, it is where all the paper planes, paper boats, and toy’s we’ve lost head towards. They’d make for the beach and wash ashore by the millions. Tiny little insect critters would collect them and use them for their society, never knowing that they were made by another animal.

I guess I am just thinking that I miss the young, carefree days of my youth..


Written by Josecito

August 3, 2011 at 3:36 pm

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