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A headpiece by any other name…

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Today I found myself building more of my boat and thinking while I waited for more layers of paper mache to dry. I asked myself: “What am I lacking to make this ridiculous project even more absurd?” Then the answer struck me like a bolt of lightning: A tricorner hat!

”But I don’t own a tricorner hat, nor do I have the funds to waste on such a hat!” ; said I, hands coated in the very material that held the answer I sought.

Thus without a second of doubt, I embarked on adding a miniproject to the boat: to make a tricorner hat (or two) out of paper mache! So I washed my hands of the mixture, found myself a balloon and measuring tape. My head is roughly 22.5 inches around, so I inflated a balloon to 23.5 inches and started working. Why a headpiece bigger than my head? Well for starters: the balloon will lose air as it dries and I want to have it slightly bigger than my head to allow for possible comfort padding (a do rag). I am guessing the sphere will shrink overnight slowly, but that it will harden enough to maintain a large enough shape without collapsing. One built up, I will create an oval ring of cardboard and newspaper and attach it to create the brim. Once attached and dried I will moisten one edge slowly at a time and fold inwards to create the tricorner. Hopefully things will go smoothly and I’ll be sporting something neat and durable.

Below is a picture of where I am at right now, and next to it is a (hopefully) picture of what I am trying to create.

P08-01-11_22.31 Heath-Ledger-patriot_l


Written by Josecito

August 1, 2011 at 10:41 pm

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