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For those of you not aware of the early years of computer strategy games take note: very few of the games that I played as a kid impressed me more than the Civilization series of strategy games started by Sid Meier. Back when I was a wee lad of about 10-12 years old, I started playing this game on the Amiga 1000 via my sister’s long ex bf Matt. He introduced me into the game much as a drug addict offers free crack to a potential drug addict…

Needless to say I was hooked.

civ-1 You see, Civilization was an incredible game were for about 6000 years or so, you controlled your own nation-state and grew it up through a virtual history, gaining weapons, technology, wealth, and status. You would war with other Civ’s (either computer AI or later on networked players) and attempted to reach one of two major goals: reach space and colonize it, or conquer the world. Naturally every megalomaniac in his youth who had access to this game played it. I am certain that if it wasn’t for this game, my future interest in economics, politics, and power would have waned and I would be but a simple engineer or carpenter among you instead of the egotistical power driven man seeking glory and fame that you currently know and love!

civworld Flash forward to today, and we see Sid Meier working with 2k games and Facebook to create the next installment of Civilization called CivWorld. A first of its’ kind delve into what should be the future of social network gaming. In this game, you control a city state much like a Sparta or Athens. You can play the game independently (boring) or join several other real players and form a Civilization of nation-states (In my case, the Japanese Shogunate). and compete for game dominance. Unlike other Facebook games (Mafia Wars, Farmville), this one does have endings and eras that can win. You can gain fame, titles (by being the best in your Civ, you can become a King, or Prince, or Duke, etc). The ideal of this game (it is still in Beta) is to have a bunch of real people playing together and working together to beat other real players. Warfare, Wonders (pyramids) and Technology all need the help of your fellow civ-mates if you want to get ahead and be competitive.

image Granted it is still not the original game that I grew up with and loved. There is no AI. There really are limitation to warfare that I hope they figure out. You can buy (essentially cheat) credits to enhance your game and give you an advantage (think Evony.. but on a lesser scale of crapiness). You can only have one city. When you build your city, you tend to build it to maximize production of things (like money, food, material) and not to actually make it look like a real city state. Thus several things are lacking that could make the game infinitely better. So how did I do after not playing it for years? Well I made the top ten list by game’s end. The Civ that I became a part of won the game. I was frequently King and held several positions until the last few years. In fact, I was the Defense Minister during the last battle that we fought in the game, winning it for the team and putting us into #1 (the opposing team, the Grecian States, had all but one of the wonder’s and went to attack us to get the one that we owned. I recruited some players from other Civs into the Shogunate, ran the battle for two hours and we won, taking all their wonders, learning all their techs and a lot of gold). All in all I like the game. Sadly after beating it and being in such a high position I found that there was little incentive to play again. Why play when you know that you’ll be at the top over and over again and there is nothing you haven’t figured out how to do?


Still for those of you new to the game, I recommend it. It’s neat and deserves a quick look.

image image


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July 28, 2011 at 7:42 pm

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