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a revisit of Chromium OS

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A while back I was discussing the virtues of the Chrome OS concept and today I wanted to present you a very short and rather crudely made video I did to demonstrate just how much potential the OS contains. Right now they are releasing the finished versions of Chromium OS on netbooks and selling them for a few hundred dollars online. With a little ingenuity and patience you can convert one of your older systems to use this browser only cloud OS at home.


In the video below I show you a version of Chromium called Flow. This was written by Hexxeh (I may have misspelled his name in the video) and is available for download and tryouts.

Some things to consider:

My laptop is about 7 years old, it is a Asus w5000a with a Centrino Processor and 750MB of RAM. Normally it runs Windows XP and takes about 1 minute – 1:30 to load.

This version of Flow was installed on a USB drive, which is a lot faster than the CD review I tested earlier, but not nearly as fast as a SD card image of the file. Future netbooks will be likely shipped with the SD image built in and thus, the system will run a lot better and have less bugs, less system issues, etc. This particular OS was not written for my laptop but it performed nicely ( I tested it on an ASUS EEE pc 700sd earlier and it ran ok with the only major complaint being a lack of webcam support).

So really… if you are the type of person who is really impatient, or someone who tends to borrow PC’s and wants to carry around their own personal internet browser to the outside world, this OS is it! It took me about 20 seconds (less if configured properly so that it doesn’t have to auto configure) to get the browser and start my work. 20 seconds! Usually with a standard OS you will be waiting a minute or more (which doesn’t sound like a lot) and that lag time results in the user getting up while the system boots (for coffee, bathroom, TV). No more of that! :)

Take a look, again sorry for the poor video quality and lack of proper editing.


Written by Josecito

July 26, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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