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Today was a much more pleasant day than the past week has been. It finally rained, and rained profusely. The simple act of raining does not make a nicer weather pattern. It has to be a lot of rain, lest it evaporate into a dense cloud of mugginess (like it did Sunday night). Today we were gifted by the weather gods with a drenching downpour that created enough of a temperature swing to drop the outside air by around 30-40 degrees! That is the reason why it is so pleasant, especially when last Friday had a Real Feel temperature of around 118F !

But enough with the weather..


The weekend passed uneventful. Spent most of it sleeping and relaxing. The remainder was spent with family, friends, and alone whilst I think about the occurrences of the last week. Finally got my haircut on Sunday b/c Saturday they closed early (and actually called me back on Sunday to let me know they were again closing early and had to arrive earlier or wait another day). So now I have one of those good old fashioned man cuts. I call it a man cut to distinguish it from the disaster that the gay revolution has brought to hairstyling. Every guy is apparently supposed to have bed head, spiky hair, shaved bald, or something colored / permed. Fuck that. I’m a real man born of a real man and I like my hair to state “human, straight, no BS/drama”. I don’t want my hair to resemble something out of a Lady Gaga video, nor a Japanimation scene. I don’t walk around worrying about body glitter nor about my ear piercing (have none). I suggest that these gay guys ruining masculinity be offered a nice comfy closet to fit into or a rock to crawl back in under.

Seriously, why is it that every male actor that is being shown on TV has some form of gay fog of nastiness? Every young male really appears to belong on the cover of a homoerotic sex magazine and the woman have taken the role of men? Women and men are slowly being conditioned to act the same and be equally nasty (what ever happened to admiring a person b/c of their particularly masculine/feminine traits?) Really?? Take a look, to the left is a teen girl’s mag, to the right, gay mags, the only difference is that women are on one and the men are nearly nude on the other, notice the descriptions on the gay mags hinting about the ‘boy’ and how it smacks of the immature and pederastic/predatory nature of the gay movement (in that homosexuals require a recruitment phase where they actively seek out potential straight males for conversion) :

 j14_cover gay-magazines


Seriously… WTF. Stop trying to normalize arrested development and immature sexual dysfunction.


Ok that is enough of that rant. Today is Monday and I should end this on a high note. Today I formally called Erika to terminate the relationship. Although I ended this several days ago I refused to call her or fight with her whist emotionally unstable and peeved. So I gave it several days for the situation calmed down and called her, explained to her that it is indeed over and that I just want her to live a happy life and that I hope she finds her future a bright one. Naturally she was surprised to hear me as she didn’t expect any call. I had to explain to her that after nearly 4 years of a relationship, I think people deserve to be broken up with in person, or if that can’t happen, via telephone. After all, this is a human society and humans should have some level of decency.


Written by Josecito

July 25, 2011 at 10:12 pm

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  1. The guys on those magazines are nowhere near sexy. Blech. I hate when the media tries to tell us what’s attractive and what’s not. Glad you got a manly haircut. Real women of the world appreciate your efforts :)


    July 26, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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