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Risk it all, or die…

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Today marks the start of my effort to rebuild my mind, body, soul, and life. Naturally in any endeavor I must give 110% and today was no different. So I, being a fat blob of a human being for too long and too comfortable with what I’ve looked like, have decided to take action on my own future and change what I don’t like about who I am and what I have in this world.














Thus you may wonder, what was my first step in self enhancement? Well today I got up at 530am, put on my huraches and exercise equipment, loaded my mp3 player and went to the park or a run-jog-walk. I spent one hour outside. Today it reached a “real feel” of almost 120 degrees and I sweated like crazy. I got blisters on my feet, had swamp ass from the heat and am in incredible pain.

And you know what? It was totally worth it and I will be returning tomorrow at the same time, and the next day…etc.

I want to reach the ability to run an ultra marathon. What is an ultra marathon?  It is the ability to run anything longer than 26.2 miles non stop. Yes this goal huge but I want to be at a level of fitness exceeding average human ability. What is the point of doing something if your only goal is to be adequate at something? As a means of measuring my progress, I shall use the distances in Pennypack park as my guage of distances. From State Road to Pine road the distance is about 8.8 miles, one way. To reach marathon status I would need to run this distance (and all the hills and dips) about 3 times (26.4 miles). Anything above that is gravy and counts towards my ultra marathon goal.

Naturally right now if I ran 2 miles I’d probably die of a heart attack. One does not just start a full speed running program when they weight almost 100 pounds above their ideal weight. Thus I will be in the park for about 1 hour a day and during that hour I will increase the amount of time I jog/run until I reach 1 hour jogging/running. Once that occurs I will increase the time running as well as the distance until I complete my goal (possibly using the running schedules frequently found online).


Tomorrow, I shall get me a haircut to go along with my self enhancement program.


Written by Josecito

July 22, 2011 at 11:33 pm

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