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Beer me once… shame on you, beer me six times….

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Yesterday night I was with Adrienne and Sam at their apartment. Earlier Dree reminded me that she still owed me a six pack for the work I did on her computer. So when I arrived we immediately ran off to the six pack store for a pick and choose… here are the six beers and my evaluation of them:

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale – I highly recommend this beer to anyone used to drinking lighter lager beers and pilsners. This ale, which many people may complain about ales being served at cellar temperature, was quite the catch. I started drinking this right from the fridge and sadly I forgot the reason why people do not like ales : cold temps give ales a brassy – metallic taste. At least that is how I interpret it. Once the temperature reached cellar temp…the flavor smoothed out totally and left me with a very easy drinking smooth beer with a very light citrus taste.

Ithaca Partly Sunny Wheat Ale brewed with Spices – this beer is not for the faint of heart. The best way I could describe her was as ‘Christmas in July’. Seasoned with what I can describe as a medley of Allspice, Cloves, Cinnamon and perhaps nutmeg this beer had an incredible scent and a rich complexity that only a true beer and food lover could enjoy. People looking for a standard beer need not apply.

Allagash White beer brewed with Spices – another northeastern beer reminding me of the fall and the coming winter. Another ale best served at cellar temperature combined with a spice mix that blended perfectly. Less powerful than the Ithaca brand for its’ spices, White’s mix reminded me of South American chichas and their natural unerringly local style. This beer, proudly unfiltered, has an instruction label on its’ side telling the imbiber to pour slowly but not completely, to save the last ounce and use the remaining ounce to swish around the bottle, gathering the settled yeast for placement onto the head giving one the scent of a beer that is much more spiced. Thus what you have is a clean drinking beer with a very potent bouquet.

Amish Four Grain Pale Ale – This apparently simple sounding name belies the technology used to create it. A product of the Lancaster brewing company this beer was created and bottle sans preservatives. Loaded with the flavors of the plants used to make beer traditionally in the States, this particular pale ale is probably a better representative of a pre prohibition ale for summer drinking than any I have met. If you enjoy as I do, the habit of tasting for what complex carbohydrates created your frothy elixir… then buy this baby!

Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout – as the name implies if you wanted something heavy, almost proto soup, this beer is for you. Many people do not like their beers to be heavy and full of texture and it saddens me deeply. To gain an appreciation of beers before the age of modernity you need look no further than drinking a stout. Traditionally heavy beers to help its’ customer deal with colder climates, the stout represents one of the hardest things a brewer can do: create a full bodied beer of sufficient complexity, taste and scent, without overpowering the drinker. I can describe the flavor as follows, but without trying it you’ll never truly understand: Take Barley soup, add Malta and molasses… shake, add alcohol and a laser thin head. Personally as a person who loves everything about barley, malta and molasses… this takes the cake as my favorite beer in the batch. Shockingly I figured out after I chose it as my #1 that it happened to be the most expensive of the batch… caviar tastes…beer budget can now simply referred to as a cavibeer budget!

Thirsty Dog’s Raspberry Ale –  Out of all the other beers, I chose this one on a hunch and for a desire of changing pace. Fruit in a beer? Yes and it works! The taste of this beer was outstanding. Slight hints of raspberry and wheat mixed very well. Excellent head retention. Actually scratch that, unnaturally huge head retention. Literally it took me 15 minutes to pour this beer ounce per ounce. I’d pour into a glass and it turned into a bubble bath! All I can assume is that they created the beer for drinking from the bottle casually and not for pouring (which makes sense as it is a lighter beer perfect for a BBQ or College outing). The scent can be described as a combination of Big League Chew and Bubbalicious Gum.


All six come from me to you highly recommended. I did notice that the northeastern region spiced ales tended towards the same format. That doesn’t surprise me as the summers north are closer to springs and falls here. A spicer beer would provide warmth and a heaviness for a colder climate that has fewer warm days. Go out, give a new beer a try. Don’t be afraid to taste something that you are certain is something you’d hate.


Written by Josecito

July 20, 2011 at 10:23 am

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  1. You’re welcome ;-) Glad you enjoyed them all! We’ll have to make another trip back there sometime.


    July 21, 2011 at 6:44 pm

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