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So this last weekend was spent celebrating my bday with my twin and family and for the evening…enjoying the play that I went to see with Dree (my prior blog post).

We had a bbq with some brewskies, corn on the cob, chorizos, ribs, steak, chicken, guacamole, italian bread, pasta salad, potatoes… and a ton of other stuff. Heck even my aunt and uncle Graciela and Rodolfo came in! That was a great time as my tio Rodolfo turned 95 on the 9th and was very happy.

On top of that the 9th was my fiance’s birthday! Yep…Erika is 22 years old… she’s happy as a clam and we’re still madly in love but not in love with the distance factor.

What did I get her you ask? Well a dozen red roses along with a very lovely written card about how much I love her, miss her, and desire her.  Naturally she was in shock at getting the flowers due to the monetary situation we’re in, but little by little I kept some cash on the side to get it as a surprise and to show her that even though we are miles apart, that I think about her every day and can’t wait to see her again! :)

I guess I can say it puts things in perspective: have a good relationship with your family, a few close friends and the one special love of your life and nothing else matters in the greater scheme of things because you’ll be content and feel as if all is right and good in the world!


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July 11, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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