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Miss Saigon

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So tomorrow I am going to see Miss Saigon with Dree at the Walnut Street Theater in center city Philadelphia. How did I manage to get this? Well through a combination of luck on Dree’s part (her friend had tickets and couldn’t use them) and luck on my part (the peeps she asked couldn’t make it or had other priorities..pfft), I was offered said free ticket. Needless to say the play was fantastic (seriously…a Vietnam war play filled with skimpily clad hookers prancing around on stage)! Here are some pics of the night’s festivities! :)

Expecting traffic, we left early to find the highways empty and arrived an hour early, so we walked around town and took some quick pics of pretty buildings in the area. After the play we had a few beers and some fries/chicken fingers at the local pub and upon my suggestion, walked around Chinatown looking for amusing sites. If you notice in two of the shots a cat walking around a storefront. I call that ‘tomorrow’s special of the day’!


Kudos and thanks to Dree and her ticket donating peeps for the great night! :)


saig 3 saig1 saig2


Written by Josecito

July 8, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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  1. Thanks again for taking the extra ticket and escorting me! It was a great night… before, during and after the show! Glad you enjoyed it, too :)


    July 18, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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