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Jessie Ventura and Leadership

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JesseVentura This ill be a fairly short post on one of my favorite Americans alive today. Obviously by the title you already know who this person is but you might not understand the why behind it.

Mr. Ventura is a man who speaks his mind, doesn’t give a rat’s rectum about public opinion of himself or his demeanor and yet still carries himself in a very respectful manner. He and his family have given multiple generations of military service to our nation in wartime and in peacetime.

If you ever get an opportunity to hear him speak I suggest you take it and ask him anything you feel is pertinent to you or your life. He is brutally honest, a realist, and most importantly and self made person. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the results of the phrase: “to life himself by his own bootstraps” suggests then you need to look no further than this man.


Below I have linked in his Google Talk speech. I highly recommend you listen to all of it. Many people dislike him b/c he doesn’t offer glib sound bytes or short and sweet answers. Those things are for the masses of dullards that think the problems of America are small and quick to fix without any pain. Mr. Ventura is one of the few left who understands that leadership, real leadership, requires that followers at times must accept painful change and transitions in order to fix the problems of today. His ideals are what truly founded the nation, his work ethic is what built it, and his openness is what made our nation great once.

I only hope that one day we can return to that type of nation.


Written by Josecito

July 7, 2011 at 9:20 pm

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