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Deliberations and the Law

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I am happy to know that today a jury did the difficult thing and chose to issue a not guilty verdict on the Casey Anthony murder case. Their decision was a difficult one and should be respected. They chose to put away personal emotions and poor excuses for evidence in favor of logic and equal treatment under the law.

For those of you who may disagree remember that our justice system is set up so that : “it is better that 10 guilty go free rather than 1 innocent be wrongfully condemned”.

If you think that Casey Anthony did it and wished for a guilty verdict please understand that the prosecution had a very weak case, no evidence of a murder, no evidence that Casey was a murderer. The case included pieces of ‘evidence’ so poorly assembled that a 5 year old could ride his Power Wheels through the holes in logic.

Now I ask that all of you do the honorable thing and accept the verdict, hold no further malice towards Ms. Anthony as she spent 3 years in jail waiting for her “speedy” trial. Once shown to be not guilty of a crime, it is our duty as citizens to welcome her back into the community and give her equal treatment. You might not like that, you might not want to do that, but it is the adult thing to do.

Let us not do to her what we did to OJ after his case. Granted the man was never able to work in his prior celebrity profession, but  I am sure he would have been better off if people at least allowed him his privacy and the chance to earn an honest living doing anything else after his not guilty plea.


Written by Josecito

July 5, 2011 at 6:33 pm

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