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The Boat – an update

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Well today is a good day. I have managed to get 99% of the boat coated in paper mache and dry. To be more specific. The shell of the boat is covered. There are still a billion other things that need doing on this project that I have to do and after a quick conversation with a few people I have chosen to go forward with the building of this boat into a mini sail boat.

Yes I know it will probably sink. Yes I know the sail mast will probably fall over or rip through the hull or mast stays and centerpiece. Yes I am aware that there are numerous difficulties in trying to create a paper boat, let alone a paper sailing boat.

I just don’t care about those difficulties. I have a lot of free time and desire to create this contraption so I shall do it. Thus I have started to cut out some smaller pieces and make incisions into the carefully papered layers (to reach the cardboard again) in order to set up the area needed for glue and more construction. On top of that I’ve started to make the leeboard (5 layers thick cardboard).

There is one thing I have not anticipated: I am running out of materials! When I started this project I had a lot of cardboard and paper and glue and well…everything. I thought that I’d use about half the material that I have currently used to complete everything and have enough left over to do two other projects. I was off by a wide margin.

Paper Mache hint: you can never have enough cardboard, paper, glue, flour or time on your hands for any project!


Written by Josecito

June 30, 2011 at 8:45 am

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