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I just realized that I have not gone for a nice long bike ride through the park in a long long time (you can tell it is long by the use of the word twice)! Sometime in the next few weeks I need to schedule myself a nice morning ride with the video camera strapped up to record what I see so that I may share it with you, my readers.

Not that I am in great shape or even good shape. I just want to share with you all the experience of riding at 5am in the park, with barely a human awake, occasionally hearing the animals and crickets, the sound of the river water unblemished by the traffic of the city, all while passing through the fog of a dewy summer morning.

Had the road not been paved I could swear you’d be confused and think you were on an old native trail in the jungle, lost to the world of civilization forever! There are too few wild places left to see, too few realms undisturbed by humanity that it sickens me to think what my future children and grandchildren will inherit and lack in their daily lives. Will it be a world of wonder or a world devoid of the natural? Plastic or Organic? The boxy and restricted lives we lead were never meant to be our way. We are nomads genetically.. we are nomads spiritually. It is why we have pictures of other places we’ve been to, or like to be at. It is why we leave when we go on vacation. It is why we daydream of doing other things. Riding a bike reminds me that people once travelled more as a necessity. Their life was movement and their mental problems few.


Yes, I must take another ride, quiet and serene; it will do me a solid via reenergizing my soul and awaken my senses once more!



Written by Josecito

June 28, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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