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Short on Money.. Overflowing with Water

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So today I needed to take another trip to center city. While I was there I noticed one of the pictures I took the last time that didn’t quite make the camera. So I took it again and have uploaded it for you.

This is the water fountain at city hall. Notice that Philadelphia is in a major budget slump and that the city is pretty freakin hot right now. Also notice that we’re spending money and precious water (which at this stage of heat… we’ll be short on potable water come August) on a fountain. Call me old fashioned but as much as I like the idea of the fountains running, I prefer the concept of a low tax, in budget, and rational civic environment to the current wasteful and self absorbed ‘representation’ that we have now.

Notice in the photo that the person in front of the falls is a city worker. I was in and out of buildings all day near city hall. This person was still in the same area the entire time. Mind you she is not security. She is not a tour guide and she certainly wasn’t working. She has as much value as that hobo which is asleep on the left side the water display.




Written by Josecito

June 23, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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