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Depressing yet telling

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The other day an old lady fell outside her car, which was parked next to my house. The woman, who was over 100 years old and fell getting out of her daughter’s car, who was around 80. Mind you that I don’t need to go into the creepiness of having a nation of people so old that there is now a large chance that a sizable portion of our population can be killed by the elderly dying while driving. A DWE will probably replace DUI’s as the leading cause of accidents (see the fence that an old man hit a few weeks ago and then tried to flee the scene at a spectacular 10mph).

So I go out and help this woman up to her daughter’s house and into the door. While I was doing this I couldn’t help but wonder: how many generations of this lady’s family are still alive and do not live near this woman or the daughter? How meddling could this person be to have ostracized herself from them?? I mean think about it, if a person has a generation of kids every 20 years, they should have 5 generations of people in this family. If they are like mine, then they should have about 3 or 4 generations.

When I got her in the house, I noticed the house was immaculate and photos everywhere of her children, their children, their children and so on. I have lived here for about 4 years now. I have never seen anyone visit her or the daughter.

What I find telling the most, is that over 50% of our population is entering this phase of adulthood, where they will be able to collect SSI and retire. How many of these people will be like this? What will happen to the houses and pets and neighborhoods filled with the nearly dead? 

Look forward to more fires, hoarding, cat food shortages (if you catch my drift) and fist shaking from pseudo porches from this multitude that refuses to die like their ancestors. Instead they will be around for a long long time, and unlike the past when the elders of society were the store of wealth and provided services to the tribe (baby sitting, knitting, cooking, general housework); these new generations seem to only want to consume and destroy the accumulated wealth of society and leave nothing for the next generations nor help them.

Can’t something be done?

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Written by Josecito

June 20, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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