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The end of the end of the week

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So with the weekend over I sit back and wonder: will this monstrosity get finished before the end of summer?

Most Likely.

Other then this project, life has been pretty nice recently. I finally started wasting more time by reopening my Twitter account, which will hopefully prove itself valuable and not as another pointless endeavor (I’m looking at you LinkedIn, who has managed to provide me little to know value other then: “Here’s my LinkedIn account, which is exactly like the resume I just gave you!”)

Which reminds me to post this for future reference: 21 Tweets, 49 Following, 13 Followers in the span of two days.

In local news, a friend of mine told me a sad story and reminded me of why I hate Philadelphia so much. Long story short: someone was screwed over and had their name degraded by a bunch of immature people who still think they are in the same clicks they existed in during their HS years. Seriously, they need to be smacked upside the head. And the youngest male needs to be beaten to a freakin’ bloody pulp for even opening his mouth at all. If this were the 50’s the female would be going home with black eyes (and then their parents would find out what happened and beat them again) and the males who did this would get wrecked/knifed by some “Jets” wannabe’s in matching leather jackets and greaser hairdo’s! The Police would show up, hear the story, take out their batons and finish the job on the wrongdoers, all the while writing a report with the words: badly beaten and bloodied when we arrived at scene, no sign of attackers, victim needs to be placed in mental institution.”

Amen to that bygone era. It reminds me of a time ten years ago when I …. nevermind.


Written by Josecito

June 13, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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