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Enter the Glue Sniffing

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So tonight I started (much to a certain someone’s dismay who would rather have me out and about with a sudsy brewed beverage) the boat building. I think it would be more appropriate to state that I started the coffin building as this will probably kill me or leave me, like Gulliver, in another world when I am in it! One problem that I already came into was that my Tite Bond 2 glue was dry and hard as a rock, rendering it unusable. Thankfully I had a slightly weaker substitute (no matter, it is meant to keep the form of the boat and will be reinforced greatly) : Elmer’s Carpenter’s Glue. Right, so with that I build the basic form and have it sitting in my bedroom (the Florida room having a ton of other stuff from when I refinished the floor of the dining room). It is dried now, but I still need to make some more cuts, improve the floor and walls, front and back. Also I need to put a cross wall in the middle of the boat to keep the sides from caving in (from the force of the water). Finally I need to put some extra boxes in it so that I have some form of sitting platform (maybe, it might cause the center of gravity to be too low). This is all before I seal the outside, then paper mache it, then stain, then seal it all with that leftover polyurethane!

::fingers are crossed::

P06-13-11_21.18 P06-11-11_21.42 P06-12-11_01.51


Written by Josecito

June 10, 2011 at 12:35 am

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