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Well it is with some pleasure that I can announce my project to rebuild my credit and thus my ability to leverage has been succeeding. Today I have managed to increase offered unsecured credit by 80% and now have three cards (no balances) to my name. This has all happened in six month’s time and with almost no money invested (ok an annual fee ). I was amazed at how well those percentages of spending your available balance really did affect FICA scoring models and how a few dollars difference (less then $10) managed to move my credit score high enough to lower interest rates (again on cards with no balances now and never spent more then 20% avail)

And it is with great pleasure that I will now move to Phase 2 of my credit rebuild project, which should be completed within the next six months.

That is all. No details will be given as to what I did nor how I did it. This is not an offer to sell info nor give it away. I’d rather not have FICA change the rules or systems before I can exploit them for personal improvement.


Written by Josecito

June 6, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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