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Friday Theater Enjoyment

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 theater-big So today is the day that I went out to see a few locals perform theater and enrich myself culturally. Many of the people I have already met and have seen them perform through karaoke and last Christmas when they performed A Christmas Carol. Tonight’s performance was a medley of show tunes and musical numbers from several famous works. Below you can see pictures of the program they distributed with the show. Since this is written after the shows I am having a bit of difficulty in keeping my tenses clear. Please ignore that and know that this has already occurred. Tickets were $10 and the show was around 2 –2.5 hours with a short intermission. Below you can see the program and some of the pages of the performances completed.

img_115685_pepsi-commercials Review: All in all, I’d say that this was a very good performance. I saw opening night and although some numbers were naturally harder than others, the singers and stage crew gave it their all and pushed themselves hard to meet their goals. Since the last play in December I can honestly tell you that marked improvement in singing and unity could be observed among the group and is a good sign of progress. This next Christmas’ production (which is still an unknown) is sure to be a smashing success!

standing-ovation My applause to everyone who performed and helped out. Lord knows I have not a singing voice nor the long term desire (as of right now, the future maybe) to volunteer for one of these gigs, and so I am grateful for them bringing culture and entertainment to an otherwise boring and humdrum Northeast Philadelphia drinking district.

I will tell you that my favorite songs of this play: Hard Knock Life (Annie), Anything You Can Do I can Do Better (Annie Get Your Gun), America (West Side Story), and Into the Fire (The Scarlett Pimpernel). My reasons: The first was performed by a bunch of young girls who gave it their all and have fun doing it. One of the girls looks like she belongs in a Pepsi Commercial or with Minnie Driver in a movie. The second was cute and made me smile as the singers also had a lot of fun playing their roles and did so with ease. The third I loved simply because there was Latin (sic – PR) dance and I always love dancing in shows, especially when done well. The last was fan freaking tastic. A sword fight, high booming voices, a sailboat, and performers who genuinely loved what they were singing and doing. It was the man play, something lacking in more and more modern productions (I’m looking at you Rent.. needed a crack head knife fight to go “owwwww ooooooooooh tonight”)

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June 3, 2011 at 11:41 pm

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