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Floor Refinishing

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Today marks the day I start the floor refinishing project. My sister wanted me to help her redo the floors of her dining room in preparation for new furniture and a new carpet. Sadly I was not given carte blanche to stain the floors any color I wanted nor a larger budget. Still given the failings and poor quality of the floorboards, I’d say it came out damn nice! notice in the last pics, there is a new carpet. The table is the old one and will be given away or more likely sold (the chairs will be free as they are poor quality). If any of you want that table (it is 5 feet long, and has two leaves that will get it to 8 feet), let me know as it will be sold via craigslist for $200. Very sturdy table that has kept us happy these many years.

The stain that we used was Minwax Special Oak, followed by two coats of Polyurethane. I highly recommend the wood conditioner and a really good sander along with gloves, face  masks, high quality sandpaper and lots of free time to do a good job. This is one project that will suffer if you rush it or try to go on the cheap!

This project was finally finished on 6/5/2011. Notice that there is still that little intersection and the whole living room that needs staining. That will be next, once the other furniture is replaced and room is created for me to work. I will naturally be given a higher budget to work with, like I requested the first time.

Total cost of project: < $100!



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June 2, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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