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4dee951b9411d.image Man o Man I am stoked about the idea of a zepplin flying overhead, especially in the Philadelphia region. Apparently the insurance company Farmers has one, called “Eureka” and it is on tour nationwide. This week coming, they will be doing tours overhead for about $400 a ride (almost an hour flight). This has been one of my dreams and ambitions: to fly in an airship. Whenever they were in the NE Philadelphia Airport I used to stop by on my way home from school (even to the point of having to walk home from a wasted token) just for the chance to see the insides of them. I got to meet several of the pilots of the Goodyear team who, sadly, told me that a flight is only available as a courtesy to investors or sports franchise owners or even advertisers.

4dee951e25bd9.image Now that the flying behemoths are over my head and available at this moment to go joy riding in, I am left without the resources to buy a ticket! Irony has reared its’ head once more in my direction and smiled at me. Oh well, I shall try another time and place and be ready with $500 in hand just in case this becomes available again! If any of you have the chance to take a flight, I highly recommend it ( I’ve been inside them and they are amazing to sit in, even more amazing when you go up as very little noise is made). 

For those of you who are in a generous mood and want to help me fulfill my dream of getting on one of these things before they move on to better cities, tickets can be acquired below.

Airship Ventures


Written by Josecito

May 31, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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