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Friday the 13th, sort of..

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So last night we all went out to sing karaoke at the Great American again. Well not all of us sang. Many of you know that I suck at singing and even though I’d love to sing for people, my voice just isn’t worth the price you paid in beer, nor would there be enough booze to quench the horrors of watching a grown man ruin perfectly nice songs. Sure there are a few songs I could sing, but really the selection is limited and many of the songs are not popular or well known (which would be a plus because I could botch them and few would notice!)

But I digress from the original point which was to tell the story, albeit shortly. I originally had to be in center city for a prior engagement and let everyone know I might be late (because well, I drive like old people f$%k: slow and sloppy – George Carlin). To my surprise I got out and arrived only a few minutes after everyone else (around 11pm). I scared the crap out of D by sneaking up behind her, said my hellos to everyone and took my seat next to the Wall. Now mind you, I don’t mind sitting next to the wall, if it were an actual wall. This particular wall is named Kelley a girl I went to high school with, who I turned down when I was in college and just the other day ran into (the previous Great American Karaoke night). Kelley is for lack of a better description worse then boring. I sat down said hello and smiled (being happy to run into her and having the chance to sit next to her I thought this would be a great night of catching up). Her response was to not say hello, not smile, not frown but to turn and face the other side of the table for the entire evening. Naturally this gave me some great opportunities to poke fun at her expense (because really, who does that to people?) via gestures, messages and mock conversation (in which I pretended to have an actual conversation with her, which her back was turned). Needless to say someone will not be on my “gives two sh%ts about” list.

The night also involved the car bomb challenge which may have put Abby in shock at the quickness of my skillz (yeah I used a z). Still a good night, spent way to much money over this weekend (I am writing this on a Monday after having blown two Benjamin’s in entertainment). Really, I must quit drinking as it is my main weakness and probable cause of most of my problems (with the second being the effects and repercussions of my drinking). Not that I drink all the time or even most of the time. I am just coming to the conclusion that when I drink, I enjoy copious amounts of the elixir and that gets me into trouble some of the time. Much to think about on that subject and contemplate other activities to replace my enjoyment of the sauce.

In the meantime, enjoy some more pictures!

P05-11-11_16.55 P05-12-11_15.58 P05-13-11_00.43 P05-13-11_01.12 P05-14-11_23.22 P05-15-11_20.11


Written by Josecito

May 13, 2011 at 2:36 pm

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