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They get along now and generation squeek

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After a inordinate amount of time and limited room to avoid one another, Bella and Midnight have begin to act as close friends. Ok so maybe not that close but they are acting a lot better together and have managed to take naps on the same bed, sit at the same window and not bother each other while in the same room. All of those are a positives and I can’t knock it. My hope is that within another year they can fall asleep together and stay warm. If you doubt that, then you haven’t seen pictures of midnight sleeping on top of Bella’s cage with her asleep inside! Every once in a while I see the cat entering the dog cage in a desire to explore, and occasionally she was caught hanging out there.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get some more cutesy pictures of it to show people or to post!

P05-11-11_16.57 P05-11-11_16.58 P05-15-11_14.50 P05-15-11_14.51

The second part of this post pertains to what I witnessed at the bottom of my steps. As you already know it is my belief that Checkers, the neighborly squirrel had likely passed and that another squirrel, who was with Checkers last year, has taken his/her place. That would be Marbles. This squirrel is not as secure with the idea of taking food from my hand or climbing on me but he/she is fast becoming comfortable with the idea of being around here. So much so that today I saw Marbles walking on the steps with another squirrel! A baby!! Could it be that Marbles and Checkers were an item (Checkers was the smaller of the two and probably the female)? I find it amazing that this could be a sign of the squeeky little bastards teaching each other where to find food and which houses are safe to sit near!

P05-16-11_14.08 P05-16-11_14.03 P05-16-11_14.03[1]


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May 12, 2011 at 2:32 pm

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