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Yes that is the title I have chosen for this post. It is the name of the craptacular pseudo excuse for furniture that I assembled for my sister. She got it on sale at IKEA and it is to be used in the Florida room for storage. In reality, this will be used to make the room a little cleaner so that more clutter can be bought and stacked inside. As is the custom with most Americans, my sister suffers from : “ It was on sale so I got it  and refuse to downscale my shit” syndrome.  Her thought is that there are organizational means and storage systems to deal with all the crap that she gets, with the idea that someday she will have reached the max point of storage and finally, like magic, her shit will be ordered and easy to use. She fails to understand that the reason why her shit is disordered is because she keeps piling new shit on top of it and not removing the old shit. A common problem that surfaces for her is clothes/shoe creep: the situation where a female will buy article after article of clothing or a nice pair of shoes without ever using them, or using them once, and then never removing or gifting the old stuff. For my sister, it has gotten so bad that she has a closet full of clothes, which have now grown into laundry piles in her room, which have grown into the downstairs coat closet (she is the only one that uses it), the downstairs coat rack, the backs of the chairs, the upstairs hallway, the bathroom, and all in between. Added to this is the festering mess of shoes, now most likely numbering above a hundred, that seem to scatter themselves upon the floor like giant black waterbugs that are frequently found outside cruising the sidewalks after dark.

So I as I assemble this furniture I think of what will go inside and then be forgotten, like the one econ box of wrapping paper, that morphed into two, and now includes a permanent shopping bag of wrapping paper and gift boxes bigger then those two boxes combined! I think of the piles of kids toys that she bought on sale for her godson and her friend’s kid, who should have been given those toys, so that they may take them home. I think of the million and one knick knacks that say : “ Welcome friend” or “friends are a…” that appear to pop into everyone’s home in some vain attempt at making the place warmer.

And I wept. I think about how much crap will fill my room once I move out. I think about the extra square footage becoming nothing more than a giant walk in closet of crap that will not get used more then once or twice in its’ life and then stored for it’s assumed value.

P05-11-11_15.17[1] P05-11-11_15.17  P05-11-11_15.18 P05-11-11_15.18[1] P05-11-11_15.34 P05-11-11_16.50


Written by Josecito

May 11, 2011 at 7:31 pm

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