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The Slow Disintegration

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I am reminded today of just how easily the modern world can fall apart if the people who built it can no longer maintain it. Take street lights and light poles; they are built using trees and are planted securely into the ground. Over time they start to rot, lean, or break due to the stresses of the natural environment. There are literally millions of these telephone/light poles outside and across the streets of the entire nation that need to be repaired or reinforced. Have we planted enough trees 50 or 100 years ago (when we first started using them for running lines in towns) to compensate for the next round of deforestation simply to replace them as they wear out? Doubtful.

Take a good look around you, take lots of photos because the United States is on its’ way to third world status and will not look this nice for a long long time. We lucky few generations enjoyed the peak of our civilization and must endure the coming disintegration while looking for ways to teach our kids and neighbors that the future will be a world without things instead of with them because we, our parents and our grandparents squandered the collective wealth we were building since the colonists first came to these shores several hundred years ago.

There is plenty of work to be done, but no one can do it because of the lack of capital in the system.

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Written by Josecito

May 10, 2011 at 7:07 pm

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