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The mysterious fortune cookies

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fortune-cookie On mother’s day (Sunday) , my family and I went to my twin sister’s house to hang out and celebrate. There we had a lovely assortment of wine and cheese, followed by Chinese food and for dessert : a very lightweight cake that was so fluffy, I swore it could have been foam insulation (but delicious)! We watched a movie (Little Fockers) and hung out on the deck enjoying the few hours of sunlight before the end. All in all I’d say it was a good day for us, with the exception of Bella, who was relegated to her cage back in Philly for the duration (my twin has two cats who would be most unappreciative of the canine guest).

fortunethands What surprised me was that after we ate dinner we, as is the custom, opened our fortune cookies. Given that we had extra cookies, the few that opted for it, could open more than one cookie, and either lose the previous fortune (for a better one) or in my case add the fortunes up as cumulative. An oddity if anything should be the words that were on the back for the lean Chinese portions for the three of us sitting in a row. My aunt, seated to my left had the word for “ the day before yesterday”. My mother, seated to my right side, received “ the day after tomorrow.” Naturally you do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess what my learn Chinese word was: “today”. Quite odd and yet telling as far as the fates are concerned.

My fortunes were listed as the following, and in the correct order:

1. The love of your life will carry you through any circumstance.

2. You will soon discover your hidden talent.

3. You will receive a surprising gift very soon.

loki_comparison What strikes me as unusual are the conversations that I had as each of these cookies were opened. I was discussing with my aunt the current situation of my relationship with Erika and how we wish to get married but have no money nor prospects and that we are so far away (among the other myriad of other issues in my life that prevent me from being with her and living with her in Colombia). I expressed my concern that we have been apart so long that I fear she may stop waiting or that we might end up as ‘friends’. Then I opened the cookie and got fortune #1, as to reassure me that things will be ok.

I laughed at it saying; “ well of course she will, if she wants to be my wife it’s part of her duties, the problem I have is that I have nothing I can do for a career or job!” and proceeded to reach for and open the next cookie, revealing fortune #2. I stopped and stared at it for a moment thinking: “what the heck am I going to discover about myself that could be hidden? And really, this still doesn’t solve my cash flow problems or other necessary expenses that are becoming more and more critical!”

I ate the two cookies, again thinking of the problems I have in realizing my dreams and the things I need to get or solve before I can ever get married, or finish college, or even get employed anywhere. I look over and one last cookie remained, which I took and opened and read… then reread for another few moments. It was fortune #3. Then I look at the other two again. All three dealt with my problems as I was referencing them. All were answered or offered some glimmer of hope or forward thinking that I wasn’t expecting.

So I am here. Waiting to see what that ‘hidden talent’ might be or when it might reveal itself. Waiting for a surprising gift. I have a few ideas in mind, but since I am thinking of them, I doubt they would be considered ‘surprising’ now that I am aware of them. So I have to forget about these fortunes and place my trust in ‘the gods of old’ that there is Loki watching me and choosing to rain luck down upon my troubled brow.

All I can do is wait and see.. nuts to that, I can do a lot more then just wait.

Pictures from the day:

P05-08-11_17.51 P05-08-11_14.45 P05-08-11_16.33 P05-08-11_16.33[1] P05-08-11_16.33[2] P05-08-11_16.33[3] P05-08-11_16.34 P05-08-11_16.42 P05-08-11_16.42[1] P05-08-11_16.42[2]


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May 9, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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    May 9, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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