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Cinco de Mayo

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This is written post occurrence, as this night lasted until about 330am when I got home. It started at Miss Demeanor for a little chillaxing and beer and with a little devilish nudging on my part, ended with Miss Demeanor drunk on a work night (tears of pride, lol), Karaoke, singing, meeting complete strangers who dedicate songs to me (seeing people I haven’t seen in over 10 years ) and great conversation  was had.

Naturally the conclusion that I have come to is that one shot always leads to five shots, going out on a whim usually ends on a good note and that people who sing and act in theater will take a non singer to school any day of the week at a Karaoke night bar!

Note to self: learn to sing, or find a bar that lets white boyz rap.


A small amount of pics below, courtest of Miss Demeanor herself:

221953_10150291440232818_676592817_9421369_1540797_n 224282_10150291424802818_676592817_9421184_5447154_n 229089_10150291378752818_676592817_9420875_5746113_n 225122_10150291446267818_676592817_9421465_1882280_n 222611_10150291300402818_676592817_9420227_4036550_n 230489_10150291440762818_676592817_9421380_3465569_n 230579_10150291769387818_676592817_9424137_6868774_n 225008_10150291424257818_676592817_9421175_1550270_n 228666_10150291438167818_676592817_9421358_5440726_n 222341_10150291425152818_676592817_9421195_4700194_n 224010_10150291305042818_676592817_9420261_4136893_n


Written by Josecito

May 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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  1. Miss Demeanor sounds awesome. She sounds like the kinda chick that people really like being around. Oh, and she also sounds totally hot.

    Btw… “devilish nudging” is never a bad thing ;-)


    May 7, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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