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Cuatro de Mayo

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cuatro So naturally I mention today because well, it is not the 5th of May. Is there anything special about what I could write about today? Nope. All I can tell you is that I am really disappointed with the Obama administration for not showing the death pictures of Osama. First guess as to why? I’ll bet it was that he was unarmed and at least partially trying to surrender. Think about it: the man was a wealthy kidney dialysis patient from a family who has large connections with our major oil importer and our leaders and other international leaders. He probably hoped that we would take him alive. He thought wrong. We have been hunting him and seeking him for more then ten years. The poster said Dead or Alive when it really just should have said : DEAD.. only DEAD.. preferably painfully dead.

mecca-saudi-arabia-m-soli Serves him right for siding with Americans during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and then going against his allies when we needed the favor returned during the Gulf War. Oh what’s that you say? You didn’t think it was about that? Really this crap over the last twenty odd years boils down to nothing more then a spoilt rich a-hole who was helped by the Americans to defend a sandbox in the mountains and when it came time for him and his family to pony up and simply offer us some parking space on our way to Saddam’s (the first time) he got all pissy and claimed that American’s shouldn’t have been on “Allah’s” turf. What a crock of cheap shit. The real reason was probably that he didn’t want mommy and daddy Bin Laden’s cash to go towards building things the Americans would need in the desert ( his family was a major construction contractor). What? Did poor wittle Osamy not get his new Rolls for his Burt-day? Seriously.

Camel Saudi Arabia_20090303145840 Nothing but another spoiled rich bastard from a spoiled rich family who got angry over having to actually return a favor to someone who helped him. After that, we really should have just leveled Mecca and Medina and called it a day while bombing the Arabian Peninsula back to the stone age for such an insult. At least that would have registered to the militant Islamic factions that we mean business and will not be insulted.

Instead of an eye for an eye… how about removing any trace of your entire nation? Really, you’ve had oil wealth since the 1930’s and yet you still have no intention of turning what was once the “Fertile Crescent” back into something green and natural? Sorry to say it, but you’ve squandered your wealth and gifts.


Written by Josecito

May 4, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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