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Movie Review: Black Swan

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This post was actually written on Monday 5/2/2011 regarding this film, it was actually watched on 5/1/2011. Since I was sick and did not have the energy to do anything on Friday, I  am posting this to cover that day’s topic.

220px-Black_Swan_poster I am writing to you concerning an excellent, if not confusing movie that I watched at home called : Black Swan. Exactly how I can review this movie is unsure as I am still very puzzled by it and can not quite place it in the horror / drama / thriller / misc. category (ies). For any of you who have not seen it, be warned that your continuation to read this will spoil the movie.

blackswan1 Here is the movie in a nutshell: a ballet dancer is a nutcase who lives with her mother, who was also a ballet dancer. The mother and daughter appear to both have serious cases of mental illness and are unmedicated. The mother, a control freak, is living through her daughter’s desires to become a great ballet dancer. The mother having failed to achieve her goal b/c she had sex and got knocked up.

natalie-portman-mila-kunis-black-swan-lesbian-scene-cap-02-480x207 The daughter, a frigid girl/woman (one can only speculate as her body could be shown as 16-30yrs old) is trying to get the lead role in Swan Lake. Her teacher is a pervish Frenchman who abuses his authority (wouldn’t you) to sleep with the best talent that the city’s ballet company has to offer.

black-swan-trailer-17-8-10-kc Cut to the chase: the daughter gets the role, degenerates into a mad woman, becomes a drugged out whore who has sex with two men, dykes out with another dancer, smashes her mother’s hand, has it hot for teacher, becomes a bipolar schitzo and steals the show’s glory and honors as the best dancer the world has seen all while dying at the end of her performance.

blackSwan-Natalie Forgive me for being so blunt. The movie was very well done but the ending seemed too rushed. The girl, who has a problem with her mind ends up creating the main issue that the viewer faces: what is real and fake in the movie. By the end of the film you are left thinking to yourself: What the fuck? What was real and what was imagined? Granted some things becomes obvious (like the whole turning into a swan), but others (her mother’s hand, the sex scenes, the bleeding) are a mystery. In some parts you are inclined to believe that she was dreaming because she was told that, but then again, she still could be imagining the whole thing as you’re watching. In that regard it is a little like A Beautiful Mind, but without the clarification of what is real and what isn’t.

Other than that, I thought the film was made pretty poorly as an effort to heighten suspense (the graininess and choppiness did not impress me). It was however, remarkably well done from the actors/actresses point of view and from the music (it has given me the feeling that the whole movie is built around swan lake itself). Pity they did not spend more time at the end instead of rushing.

I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars for the film in total, 5 out of 5 stars for the sexy scenes (which should have been continued… man o man), and 4 out of 5 stars for the concept of what the film wanted to express but failed to succeed at.


Written by Josecito

April 29, 2011 at 10:14 pm

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