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obama Now now, this has to be one of the saddest moments in American history. Here we have the elected President of the United States having to come up with a ton of money (estimates are at 5 million dollars and counting )to defend his citizenship claims. Now I am not one for conspiracy theories, but my last blog post on the subject got me thinking and when I get to thinking look out world because there will be some crazy ideas coming forth. Now that I have mentioned that, let me tell you that I am not one who believes that Obama is not a US citizen. However I can speculate that he, like a lot of Americans, have their documents screwed up by the USA (ergo lost, destroyed, damaged) and end up paying the price for it. Below is my opinion of his released birth certificate.

I honestly think it is a phony. A fake, a forgery. Do I think he is a citizen: absolutely. Why would Obama go through all this trouble? Because he is stuck having to defend a non issue. Government documents have a tendency to be destroyed and lost through carelessness (look how many copies of the Declaration of Independence keep popping up… if they couldn’t safeguard that piece of paper, how well can they do with your info?) I have downloaded a copy of Mr. Obama’s released certificate and did some personal evaluation of my own. Given the amount of time I spend on computers and document software (a lot, heck when I was a kid I was scanning lots of paperwork and currencies to see if I could print them out with modified words and names : like my face ). Granted, I never tried to use what I learned for illegal ventures or for self gain, but what I learned did help me find employment and gave me a greater appreciation for the wonders of technology at our disposal. That is where my opinion of the paperwork matters since I am a citizen, a voter, and I find it my duty (as well as everyone should) to question our governments and our leaders and to hold them accountable.

If you want to follow along you can download his certificate here.

barack  name Let us start with an idea of how the original document was made: it was typed into a book. With that in mind we can allow for errors like a typewriter key being faded, so long as it is faded consistently (in other words, if the R kept typing lightly it should do so most of the time). Sadly the first item of issue that I noticed was that Barack’s name has that R faded, and yet his father, who had that same name, appears to be normal. Can it be a simple typing error? Yes, but when you zoom (800%) into the document, you can see that the one R appears to be faded and washed out, which to me, would indicate that it either doesn’t belong to the name, or that the name was added in later and it was a deliberate attempt at making it look aged. If it were a lighter typo, one would think that the letter would be faded consistent in style and format to the other R in the father’s name (because it came from the same typewriter), but it is not. Thus I have my suspicions.

Doh number Next we have the document number, which appears in the top right corner of the certificate. Notice that again, a faded number appears to be that number 1. Notice if you zoom into the document that it appears again, to be much lighter and inconsistent in depth to the remainder of the digits. Also note, that right above this number are the words, which are very clear and bold: Department of Health, which also appear to have suffered no fading, even though they are in the vicinity of that #1. Finally look at the line below the number, notice that the line is clean and clear and then somehow begins to get faded and blurred. If this were a copying error or scanning error, one would expect that line to be blurred all along it. It is not, and to me, it would indicate that something was added or superimposed from another document into this one.

line 6d and 6e 587539-date-stamp-close-up-with-blue-inkpad

Take a look at this next problem. In Lines 6d and 7e we have the Yes marked off, which if this were a typewriter should have given a duplicate X in depth and boldness. We do not have that here. Instead we have another pixel image, blotchy and bad to read and easy to spot. Why are these two X’s not the same ? If you zoom in about 800% you can see that the area of 7e, starting with the o in no, and ending with the i in give, is pixilated. Compare that to the X above in 6d, which was a typed X and notice that under the exact same zoom, there is absolutely no imaging issue. If this was the same document, shouldn’t this be consistent in it’s blotchiness? At the very least, the letters in the descriptions should have been the same. “If no, give judicial” should have been equal in appearance. They are not and should be viewed with suspicion.

line 22 line 20 Next we have the dates at the bottom of the page, which I would assume are stamped onto the original birth certificate using one of those hand stampers that you turn a small dial on individually to set the date and press into an inkpad (see image). Why would the numbers come out so inconsistently, from within the stamp? Why is the 1 in the date for line 20 so bold, clear and different from the rest of the date that was stamped? Notice that in line 22 that the same stamp now shows the 1, 9 and the 1 again in bold clear and dark lettering while the AUG – 8 is faded almost grey in appearance. Why would the stamp do this so inconsistently? My guess is that, when you look at that dark triangle and the words “Midwife” and  “Date Accepted by Reg. General, that they were manipulated and reimaged onto the paper at some later date.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that this document is a phony and I encourage you all to review it for yourselves and made an intelligent decision about what you see. Granted even though this could be a fake, I still think Mr. Obama is a US citizen and should be given the chance to actually run the nation.

Finally notice line 9 in the birth certificate. The race of Mr. Obama’s Father is listed as African in 1961. This is a classic example of an error done by someone who was not alive in 1961 who made the document. In the 1960’s and earlier it was standard procedure to call blacks “Negro” for their race. If we are to believe that this document is real and that “Negro” was no longer in use (because of the civil rights movement) then we should expect to see the word “Black” in place of Negro, and certainly not African in 1961.

My so called ‘conspiracy theory’ follows:

The most logical explanation for this fake is that there is a good chance the State of Hawaii may have f%^k up big time and lost vital records of a lot of people (hence why they don’t give out the long form) and chose not to say anything to anyone (except maybe Obama when he asked where the heck it was in private). In order to save face (and to help a person who is a real US Citizen), they recreated the document using other documents and issued it to him in order to quell people calling for his removal. This would make sense as Obama, being born in Hawaii, is a source of state pride and notoriety.

The saddest part about all this is that he even gave it the attention he did instead of doing those things he promised people during the campaign…

like closing Guantanamo, ending water boarding, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, fixing the debt problem, fixing the economy, jailing the corrupt banking industry, eliminating outsourcing, getting us on the path to real renewable energy, etc.


Written by Josecito

April 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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