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Birth Certificates

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obama-arrogant-sneer Naturally the news has been about the whole birth certificate issue and the Obama Presidency and his eligibility to even hold office. For me, I can not help but feel like this whole debate has not only been a non issue but a ploy by both parties at undermining the whole “natural born citizen” problem. The reason I feel this way has been because of a movie I saw many years ago called Demolition Man. In that movie they make mention of a “Schwarzenegger Presidential Library” and yet make no mention of how he could be President unless they remove the natural born citizen requirement. Fast forward several years and you now see that Arnold is Governor of California and still wildly popular. Add in the manufactured “Obama not being a US Citizen” issue and you can see where the impetus will be created for eliminating this requirement and then giving an opening for Arnold to run the nation. None of that surprises me though, since it has been my assumption that the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans have been running this country under exclusive control and passing the reigns from one to the other for several decades.

arnold-schwarzenegger So why on earth would this birth certificate solve or end the so called debate anyway? Here we have a man who was required to submit forms in order to run for the office he now holds, being badgered about his nationality after winning the election. Shouldn’t this have been a major key issue during the election? It should have but they saved it until after he won in order to undermine the US traditions and rules. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the next few months, they make the claim that the now ‘long form birth certificate” is a phony made up by the CIA and insiders. After all, it is a little too coincidental that Obama released his certificate and then magically changed directors for the CIA and a few other key positions. My guess (in the event that the conspiracy theorists are right) is that what is happening right now is an internal power struggle and a few people found out the truth that Mr. Obama is still a foreign citizen and needed to be ‘bought out’ by the establishment. So as a favor for being bought out, they helped Obama get new faked documents (I have a printer too and can print things) just like those they issue to spies and undercover agents that certify he is the real deal. My guess is that they were hoping that O’s citizenship wouldn’t have been that much of an issue and that he’d be the ‘example’ of good leadership that would have allowed them to vote on removing the ‘natural born citizen’ clause of the Constitution.

Sadly they either misread the public, mistakenly put their trust in an idiot to run the nation (yet another idiot), or took control at the wrong time in American history.


….or Obama is a citizen and this is all just a waste of time and attention from the real problems facing the nation (very likely).

My guess is that the reason why the public is fighting so hard to prove he is not from here is to remove him… because we are slowly realizing what a moron he is and we don’t want a black version of Bush Jr.

but he’s officially not just an idiot…. he’s ‘our idiot’.


Written by Josecito

April 26, 2011 at 7:20 pm

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