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Software Review: DVD VideoSoft

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YouTubeToMP3 It has been some time since the news has posted about lawsuits and copyright infringement problems caused by the P2P networking of software like Napster, Ares, Bear Share and Pirate Bay. The demand for music, videos and all other forms of entertainment media hasn’t declined which can only mean one thing: the free market sharing of media will continue. Which brings me to today’s post.

DVD VideoSoft has made a wonderful package program that allows you to pull music and videos from sites like Youtube and toss them into your IPod, mp3 folders and video libraries. It’s called : “Free YouTube to MP3 Converter” (original huh?) and is available here. With this program you can do basically what we as kids used to do: copy songs onto a tape from a public broadcasted media center. Granted it might be a stretch to think about but it is true. On the radio (TV), just like YouTube, they play songs and (MTV) videos. We had VCR’s and tape recorders that would record the music off those stations and channels and into our own personal collections. Those places would play commercials and generate a fee because we would be listening to it. YouTube is now and for quite a while has been integrating commercial advertisements into its’ video collection. Thus it can be considered the rightful inheritor of public media broadcasting. We as the listeners, have the next level of recording devices that are similar to tape decks and VCR’s: the mp3 and avi/flash recording formats.

Basically this software allows you to visit the sight of the music you want to listen to on YouTube, copy the address and post it into the software, and make a copy of it into your hard drive or mp3 player.  Neat Huh?

Give it a try…. I am sure you’ll agree that it is a very very very useful program.



Written by Josecito

April 22, 2011 at 12:07 pm

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