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Conan the Barbarian conan02 So last night I got in the mood to watch Conan the Barbarian and proceeded to find a torrent and download it onto my pc. After a brief interlude of downloading I proceeded to watch it and enjoyed it immensely! The initial quote that is placed at the beginning of the film is what the blog is about. In the first few moments of the film you are presented with a great quote from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche : “ That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” It provides a great example of foreshadowing and really gives the audience the indication that this movie is really a testament of that philosopher’s ideology applied to the real world.

Conan the Barbarian is a classic example of the master-slave morality battle come to life. You have the protagonist : Conan, whose whole family and culture have been destroyed by a religious cult bent on conformity, suffering and death. Conan, after years of tortured enslavement, thrives in the ancient world from his wits, combat and inevitably becomes a king by his own hand. In this movie he is a thief, stealing jewels and treasure from the temples of a snake cult while looking for the leaders of a cult that has a special banner: a snake with two heads facing itself. Tulsa Doom, played by James Earl Jones, is a wizard warrior who rules the cult and creates an atmosphere of cannibalism and hedonism.

friedrich-nietzsche4 Conan 7 The movie is steeped in Nietzschesian (spelling) thought. Throughout the movie you see the mocking of traditional religions (portrayed as the snake cult) in favor of a theism that barely does anything except give the believer true freedom. Conan is amassing wealth, power, status and creating the laws that he lives by while the followers of the cult are enslaved, encouraged to be poor and powerless.. and offered the reward of ‘emptiness’ . Even the priests, dressed in garb eerily close to a Judeo –Christian priest, are homo erotic, perverse and feebleminded. The enslaved cultists seek to enslave humanity or kill the non believers. Conan seeks to do justice as he sees fit, when he sees fit. He is cunning, hetero, strong, strong willed, and has an internal morality that the apparent ‘moral guardians’ (priestly class) lack.

0259296623494705 That which is good or bad to Conan is that which affects him directly. He focuses on the causes and consequences of laws and decisions (the master morality mindset). Tulsa Doom (interestingly portrayed by a token member of a former slave race :a black man) is the direct representation of what the slave morality espouses to do: accept the weak and powerless and perverse and make it seem holy. Here they focus on intentions, creating an ideology of pseudo wisdom that is blatantly false in order to enslave everyone (including their former masters). It is here that we see the true perverse nature of all slave religion: that you are never truly free but a slave to a higher being (which they profess is God and a good thing).

images  conan barbn - mako cropped The master religion (Crom) does nothing and wants for nothing but occasionally asks for an accounting of your life when you die and has a admiration for those who chart their own paths. Crom does not want a follower or ass kisser as they are traits of weak people unworthy of respect and admittance into heaven (a Valhalla for heros and greatness to be emulated).

  The slave religion dictates all aspects of their enslaved believers’ lives and prevents them from being happy in the here and now. They profess that suffering and pain are the good and that death will take them to a better world. They require complete devotion and obedience in order to belong and there is no room for independent ideas or differing opinion. Here they flip reality on it’s head stating that the weak and dependent will be admitted (to heaven) and that the strong, independent minds will be sacrificed and destroyed. Conan in this movie becomes a Christ figure for master morality (he is even crucified, and unlike Christ’s followers who were powerless slaves of faith, they rescued Conan and save him, a testament to true faith, fraternity, and morality)snake03

This points a spear into the heart of all major religions today and is a central theme of Nietzsche: that people have a will towards power, that there is an imbalance in the world belief systems (master system in this case was nearly lost like it is today and the slave system is overbearing). Eventually what happens is that people who take control and win will recreate the world in their eyes…and that world will adhere to the master’s wishes. I highly recommend that you watch this movie, then read some of the philosophy, and then re-watch it and notice the critique of modern faith and humanity. It is for me, and possibly yourselves, a wake up call to what I always tended to notice and feel uneasy about modern faith: an enslavement to an ideology that I did not desire nor felt enriched by.


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Torrent Download Page for Conan the Barbarian (AVI format ~900 Mb)


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April 21, 2011 at 6:18 pm

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