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Yeah, it’s a lazy dog-dangling afternoon.

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P04-19-11_16.09 That’s pretty much what today feels like and special thanks to the Simpsons cartoon for creating that cromulent phrase and for having Homer state it while holding his dog in the air whilst on the couch. A constant drizzle is what prevented me from doing those lovely outdoorsy things that I needed and wanted to do today: assist my aunt in cutting and preparing her garden for the spring/summer 2011. Yesterday was quite nice and so I went there on foot (for exercise) with the express idea of cutting her backyard lawn (with an electric weed whacker…which is cooler and more calming then a lawnmower), and planting some strawberries, maybe mulch and a tree or two.

Sadly the electric newfangled machine ran out of battery power halfway through (she has two batteries, but really, who needs two fully charged batteries for a small lawn?) So we plugged them in and had hoped that today would be nice enough to continue the gardening /cleanup job. After all, it is a nice backyard and should have some landscaping work done so that it can be used and enjoyed this year. Since my aunt knows I like to garden (provided my creativity isn’t stifled or boxed) she gets free lawn care in exchange for my ability to express some creative urges towards horticulture. A win-win situation for us both.

P04-14-11_08.28 So what else could I do besides sit around, drinking coffee and playing with Bella, the loyal and loving dog made of Velcro that never wants to leave my side? And that is what I have been doing today, aside from the short time to blog and catch up on articles that I wanted to read on my favorite websites. Granted the coffee that I am drinking is not “Dunkin Donuts” as you see in this camera pic I took last week. Instead it is my own in house blended Colombian Coffee made nice and decadent, complete with just the right amount of milk, sugar, and salt (yes salt- a few pinches (depending on taste and coffee variety ) in your coffee pot will remove some of the bitterness and make a for a smoother drink!

Goodness in a cup. For those of you who buy the cheap swill and drink quarts of coffee daily take my advice: buy the expensive  stuff, and you’ll find that the one or two cups you will drink are far superior to the endless mugs of coffee you could get from buying discount crap. Be aware though that not all expensive coffee is good coffee. I’d smile the day I see Starbucks closed because they sell overpriced ‘gourmet’ coffee that tastes like it belongs in a compost heap.

Oh well, I guess I shall continue to relax and enjoy the short time of tranquility that I have with just myself, the dog and the two cats… all hanging out…

Nature at it’s best.


Written by Josecito

April 19, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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