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14 April, 2011 08:58

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So today is starting out pretty nicely. I opened my mail and got my second credit card! For those of you out of the loop, a few years back I ran into trouble with my finances and watched my credit score and my cards tumble into the abyss. It has been several years and many attempts at rebuilding went by without luck until last november when I was approved for a horrid card with a 60% interest rate! Naturally I had to accept it and have managed it sufficiently well to be granted another card, now at a 20% rate from one of my past creditors. That to me is an excellent sign of a brighter future, one that will enable me to leverage my knowledge of finance into a viable career. You see in the past, when gas was almost $1 a gallon and the dot com bubble was in full gear, I was in college yet had enough available credit and a high enough fiscal reputation to enable me to buy a residental or even commercial property without a mortgage (and at at .3% rate)! Regrettably my inexperience caused me to go belly up and my fiscal powers were tossed into the trash like day old fish. So now my score is on the rise and with a little more time and tweaking I will be back into levels that average citizens would desire. Sweet huh?


Written by Josecito

April 14, 2011 at 8:58 am

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