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4084434108_d32a8276da 3075854282_4d7ddfeab4 Why on earth does it decide to rain on the days that I have planned for gardening? Is it just me or am I destined to do outside work in humid, damp, and generally moist conditions? Blasted Philly weather! Let is be known right now that all this wet weather is what will give us those really unbearably hot humid and mosquito filled summer days in 2011!


Here I am waiting generally the entire day for the rains to let up long enough to start a nice outdoorsy project (one that came about after an argument with my dad over the front of the house vs. the deck). So why is it that we have a great start to the week with sunshine, warm weather all around and within 24 hours a rainstorm that is probably two levels shy of being called a Nor-Easter? I haven’t the slightest idea. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and hope that the plants survive that I have waiting for transplanting (they’ll probably die like most dormant purchased plants that I get). Naturally I had to find a picture of something spot on and add it to this blog post.


CherryEye.2 In other news Bella is doing well and continuing to improve. She has healed enough for us to let her play a little fetch and get longer walks. The one disappointing issue that I noticed is that her eye appears to have become infected once again and has swelled up. We have been applying the meds and kept her from continuing to scratch it (she tried the first couple days). Only time will tell if the antibiotics will heal her and leave her with no cherry eye. I have included a picture generally detailing where the affliction originates (for those of you who are interested in it).


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April 12, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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