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A Nice Quick Update on Bella and Weekend Plan

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So as all of you know by now, my puppy Bella was fixed and I promised you photos of her while she is recuperating. Originally she was scheduled for three surgeries : her eye, her double tooth, and her spay. We ended up doing two surgeries as luck befell our pooch and her baby tooth finally fell loose the day before the vet visit and saved us a few bucks. Thank you Mother Nature for kicking out that tooth!



DSC01009pics 008 


Here is a before and after picture of her and her baby tooth, notice that small gap!





DSC00662 pics 004



Here we have a before and after shot of the eye,

notice how much she looks like Porthos from Star Trek:Enterprise!




Here are a a few more shots of her, in her cage, along with the scar. That last one is Porthos for comparison (ok she isn’t a dead ringer but still a good match)!

pics 005 pics 006 images



And lastly this is what I’ll be doing over the weekend providing that there is no giant rainstorm or unforeseen problems that prevent me…


pics 009


The actual price paid at K-Mart was $7.50 a box on sale. So that’s 40 strawberry plant starters and two raspberry bushes. I know it seems like overkill since I have cherry trees, fig trees, hazelnut trees (if they survive), blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and a load of other plantings on such a small area but hey, they grow for years and are low maintenance food sources. Fun times ahead for the horticulturalist in me! Did I ever mention that my original major in college was plant science and biotechnology? Heheheheheheheh!


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April 7, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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